TheWaveWarden Odin 2, New Free Thor-Like Synthesizer Plugin For PC/Mac/Linux

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TheWaveWarden Odin 2 is a free plugin, ready for PC / Mac / Linux and could be the unofficial successor to Reason Studios Thor Synthesizer.

TheWaveWarden has today released the beta version of Odion 2, a new free Synthesizer plugin for PC & Mac that is packed with synthesis functions. Visually as well as the concept reminds me very much of the all-time classic Reason Studios Thor Synthesizer because here you can link individual modules with each other. Odin and Thor are two characters from Germanic Mythology. The developer maybe wants to show his love with this for Thor but who knows. One thing is certain, it looks and can be programmed like Thor.

The architecture is relatively simple: 3 oscillators, two filters, envelopes & LFOs programmable via a modulation matrix, amp, and 4 effects. However, the big power is hidden in a drop-down menu in every section, similar to Thor. As a side note: the synth was developed with the platform JUCE, which belongs to ROLI.

TheWaveWarden Odion 2

Oscillators & Filters For Almost Endless Fun

Odion 2 has three oscillators, each equipped with a huge selection of different types: analog, wavetable, multi, vector synthesis, chiptune, FM, phase mod, and noise. On top, you have three oscillators that give you the freedom to design your own waveforms or shapes: wave, chip & spec-draw. Each section has a variety of functions with which you can set the oscillator perfectly.

Then you can route each oscillator into one, two or three filters. Splitting the signal is also possible so you can use one filter for each oscillator. You can find here a huge selection of filter types, there is something for everyone: ladder lowpass 24/12, bandpass 24/12, highpass 24/12, Oberheim 12, diode ladder, Korg 35 LP & HP, comb, formant, and ring modulator. After the big filtering section, the signal goes in an amp section with built-in distortion and later in effects but later more about this.


The modulation matrix built into the bottom third is the heart. Like in Thor, you can precisely set modulations here. Available are 4 envelopes (amp, mod, filter, global), 4 LFOs, an XY pad and more. It’s nice that you can loop envelopes, so they also act like LFOs. As a modulator, you can also use the oscillators, aftertouch, velocity and a random generator.

In the end, there are four effects (delay, phaser, chorus, flanger) but no reverb. However, it has no presets but the developer asks the testers to share their sounds.

TheWaveWarden Odin 2 Synthesizer is available now for free for PC/Mac/Linux in a beta & experimental version.

More information here: TheWaveWarden

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  1. Getting some weird performance issues while using pitchbend (certainly a simple bug) but it sounds quite good and might be easier to integrate in my workflow than “Thor through Reason as a plugin”.

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