IXOX PreenFM3 FM Synthesizer Firmware 0.107 Adds MPE Support

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IXOX preenFM3, a DIY multi-layer FM Synthesizer has been updated to firmware 0.107 that includes MPE support for the engine.

IXOX’s preenFM2 has quickly become one of my favorite FM synthesizers. I bought it a few years ago on a second-hand synthesizer market in Vienna. At that time, I was very unfamiliar with the DIY project preenFM. It was a local discovery. The synth quickly convinced me and have been using it for many years. Easy to use, lots of storage, and very handy.

I was all the more pleased to be able to report that the preenFM2 has got a successor with the preenFM3. And the update is exciting: a better CPU, up to 16 voices with up to 6 layers, higher sample frequency (48Khz), effect per voice, color TFT display, 6 independent outputs, step sequencer & more. Xavier Hosxe, the developer, places great emphasis on product maintenance and often publishes new firmware releases. Today there is a new one that makes the synth even more exciting

IXOX preenfm3 MPE


The new preenFM3 firmware 0.107 adds MPE that takes the synth to a new expressive level. Once updated, the first instrument becomes a 15 voice MPE synth. For this, you need to enable the MPE functionality in the mixer – global settings. There are multiple options available: MPE48, MPE36, MPE24, MPE12, and MPE0. The value after MPE specifies the number of semitones the voice pitch bend can make.

This update also expands the modulation matrix with three new sources specific to the MPE instrument:

  • PB MPE : the channel pitchbend. That’s additional to the number above (48, 36 etc…)
  • AT MPE : the channel aftertouch
  • 74 MPE : the CC#74 definied in the MPE specification.

There is not yet a demo for the MPE functionality in the PreenFM3. However, Richard Devine got a unit and posted a lovey, crazy video about it.

IXOX preenFM3 is available now as a DIY project for 190€. If you prefer an assembled version with a white interface, they are available at Vandaal Electronics for 340€.

More information here: IXOX 

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