Dreadbox Nymphes firmware v2 adds MPE support, preset import/export & more

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Dreadbox has updated its affordable 6-voice polyhonic analog Synthesizer Nymphes to firmware v2 with MPE support, preset import/export & more. 

For Superbooth 21, Dreadbox releases the Nymphes, A compact, hands-on 6-voice analog poly synth for under $500. With its single VCO with shaping, 1 sub-oscillator, noise generator, 24dB/octave lowpass resonant filter, 6dB/oct high pass non-resonant filter… it is very reminiscent of the classic Roland Juno series.

In terms of features, yes, but the interface and the sound is different and unique. Today there is the good news that there is a firmware v2 for the Nymphes. This brings some amazing new features that boost the expressiveness of the synth.

Dreadbox Nymphes firmware 2.0

Dreadbox Nymphes Firmware V2

Firmware v2 brings some very good new features to the Nymphes analog poly synth. Starting with the expressivity. Dreadbox added MPE and polyphonic aftertouch support to the Nymphes. So you can now connect your favorite MPE controller on the Nymphes and explore new expressive sound worlds. The poly aftertouch support is, however, limited. Not all targets are polyphonic and thus some of them still have a monophonic response.

With firmware v2, Nymphes also supports preset import/export via Sysex format. Sound designers will appreciate this feature. You can now share your sounds with other users. This functionality also introduces the possibility to exchange the factory presets. MIDI support has also been expanded. Nymphes now comes with MIDI channel learn giving you now the freedom to set the synth to any MIDI channel (except of 1 to 7) with the use of MIDI learn.

Lastly, you get a new scaled (relative) mode for the sliders for easier control handling. This setting allows changing the slider, based on the current value of the parameter, rather than jumping to the current position of the slider

Dreadbox Nymphes firmware v2

Improvements & Bug Fixes

Dreadbox not only added new features to its compact 6-voice poly analog synth, they also improved existing functions:

  • SHIFT button behaviour changed
  • CC transmit on Preset Load
  • CC list reworked
  • all Notes Off and All Sounds off CCs added
  • reverb control added to Modulation matrix through CC 2.6 Modulation target: Mod Wheel on PW changed
  • shortcut for Global settings reset

Further, they fixed bugs.

Dreadbox Nymphes firmware v2 is available now as a free download. Nymphes is out now for 495€/$599 USD.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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  1. SysEx import/export and MPE? That sounds promising. I’ll check the SysEx implementation and if it covers full Parameter Change or NRPN , I’m sold.

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