ReBach Launched CATCH Eurorack Module Lineup!

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The ReBach CATCH Eurorack is a new lineup of affordable good sounding and useful modules that covers the basic of modular synthesis!

The Dutch developer ReBach recently introduced the new CATCH Eurorack module lineup. It includes a VCO, VCF, ADSR, LFO, attenuator, trigger converter and multiplier module.

ReBach CATCH Eurorack

CATCH VCO-A Eurorack Voltage Controlled Oscillator

  • Eurorack VCO.
  • Characteristics: Warm sound through our design and beautiful FM sounds. CEM 3340 style, superior 1v/oct tracking and temp stability, linear FM-input and PWM-input, saw / Pulse / Tri waveforms, skiff-friendly, size: HP8 (W40.30mm H128.5mm D26mm).

CATCH VCF-A Eurorack Voltage Controlled 2 Pole Lowpass Filter

  • Eurorack 2-pole VCF
  • Characteristics: High feedback / self oscillation level ! 1 signal IN / 1 signal OUT / CV1 IN (adjustable) / CV2 IN (Fixed), skiff-friendly, size: HP8 (W40.30mm H128.5mm D26mm).

CATCH STV Eurorack S Trigger Converter

  • Eurorack S trigger converter. Convert S trigger to V trigger or V trigger to S trigger (used by Moog, Korg and Yamaha Synthesizers), skiff-friendly. Size: HP4 (W20.20mm H128.5mm D26mm).

CATCH ADSR-A Eurorack Envelope Generator

  • Eurorack Envelope Generator. CEM3310 style ADSR, 1 gate input / 2 evenlope output, Attack / Decay / Release time: 2ms to 10s. Sustain 0 to 100%, skiff-friendly. Size: HP8 (W40.30mm H128.5mm D26mm).

CATCH SMP Eurorack Signal Multiply

  • Eurorack Signal Multiply. Passive, 7 connectors. Can be used for audio, CV and Gate signals, skiff-friendly. Size: HP4 (W20.20mm H128.5mm D26mm).


  • Eurorack LFO
  • Modulatable Tri and Pulse wave, two oscillators (second oscillator modulates the first), 0.2hz to 500hz, skiff-friendly. Size: HP6 (W30mm H128.5mm D26mm).


  • Eurorack Attenuator
  • Passive (linear potentiometers). 3ch (3x IN 3x OUT) . Can be used for audio and CV, skiff-friendly. Size: HP6 (W30mm H128.5mm D26mm).

ReBach CATCH Eurorack modules are now available starting at 28€.

More information here: ReBach 

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