Sinevibes Droplet V2, Innovative Raindrop Delay Effect Plugin Gets A Major Update

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Sinevibes boosts its innovative raindrop delay plugin Droplet to V2 up with new features, a new user interface, VST3 support, and all as a free update

Sinevibes is one of my favorite plugin manufacturers. Yes, up to now only macOS users can enjoy these innovative, great-sounding effects plugins. One can only wish that Artemiy and his team will eventually opt for PC or iOS AUv3. Many would be happy.

Nonetheless, for everyone who has a mac computer get here plugins that bring sound design to the fore. They offer new approaches and do not try to boil the same soup again and again. Droplet, for example, is a delay effect that generates textures that sound like fine raindrops. The idea and the approach are innovative and all of this is now even available in a new, improved version.

Sinevibes Droplet V2

Sinevibes Droplet V2

Droplet features a delay modeling engine that is specially designed for creating raindrop delay effects. It uses 32 stereo delay lines (increased in v2 from 24 to 32) connected in series via a proportional feedback system. Here each delay time and stereo pan is randomized in order to generate a natural sound similar to water drops falling onto a surface. The version also expands the delay time range in both directions from 20-80ms to 5-200 ms that makes it more versatile.

Droplet V2 has a wide range of parameters with which you can design the delays and the raindrop effect down to the smallest detail. Thanks to low- or high-frequency feedback damping, the plugin is capable of creating a huge variety of unique effects including lush reverbs, resonator-stile fx, and more. The developers also added in v2 control for delay time modulation frequency and it now supports any host buffer size. Plus, it comes with more natural parameter mapping on input, send, and return controls.

Sinevibes Droplet V2
Sinevibes Droplet V1 vs V2

New UI & VST3 Support

The Sinevibes interfaces were very functional and easy to use right from the start. But they were never perfect in my opinion. Since the last releases, there has been an interface rethink. Goodbye small UIs, and presets search from the DAW bar. The new Droplet V2 comes with a built-in preset manager with new presets, new user-intuitive interface with a size scaling up to 200%, and VST3 plugin format. The latter of course just for macOS.

An excellent update for the unique delay plugin Droplet and nice to see that older plugins get such big updates for free. Others charge an update fee to get a new GUI.

Sinevibes Droplet V2 is available now for $29 USD. It’s a free update for users who already own the previous version of Droplet. it runs as a 64-bit only AU and VST3 format plugin for macOS 10.9 or later.

More information here: Sinevibes 

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