Fabric 70 Basic Filters & Crush, Free VST3/AU Filter & Bit-Crusher Plugin

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Fabric 70 releases Basic Filters, a free multimode filter plugin & crush a free versatile distortion/bit-crusher plugin for PC & Mac.

Time for free plugins. The Japanese developer Fabric 70 has recently published two free effects plugins for PC & Mac.

Basic Filters is a multimode filter and crush a bit-crusher effect plugin.

Fabric 70 Basic Filters

Fabric 70 Basic Filters

Basic Filters is a fairly simple but flexible filter plugin with numerous types. It comes with lowpass 12dB/24dB, highpass 12 dB/24dB, bandpass 12dB, UGPB 12dB, notch 12dB, peak dB, allpass 12dB as well as comb. An impressive set of types for a free plugin, nice.

The plugin has classic cutoff & resonance controls. Then it has a built-in overdrive (drive) with which you can spice the filtering process. On the output, you adjust the pan, mix, and level of your signal. To make the whole thing a little more flexible, you can activate a built-in ASDR envelope and LFO.

The envelope can be routed to several destinations at the same time including drive, cutoff, resonance, LFO frequency, and LFO level. The LFO has several waveforms (sine, triangle, ramp up, ramp down, pulse) and controls for pulse width, frequency, and level. Hidden in a submenu, you can set the phase, the amplitude range, sync, and route it to several destinations (drive, cutoff, resonance).

Fabric 70 Crush

Crush is a little but intuitive bit-crusher plugin with a built-in distortion function. It features four distortion types from soft clip, harder clip, fold up to wrap for heavy distortions that can be set via the drive knob. The bit crusher section can be adjusted via the resolution (1bit – 24bit) and down sampling controls.

A white noise generator is also onboard. The output timing and amount of white noise can be controlled according to the magnitude of the input signal. Finally, you can adjust the pan, mix and level of the signal.

Two great free effects plugins with many features. Don’t miss these gems from Japan.

Fabric 70 Basic Filters and Crush are available now as a free download. Both plugins run on PC and Mac and run as a 64-bit only AU and VST3 plugin.

More information here: Fabric 70

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