Novation Previews Circuit Rhythm Sampler, Coming In Summer

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Novation Circuit Rhythm is an upcoming groovebox packed full of neat sampling functionalities built around the beloved hands-on Circuit workflow, coming in Summer.

Anyone wondering where the Circuit Rhythm is, which also leaked last year. Unfortunately no release yet, the instrument is still stuck in a traffic jam. No, joke aside. The device is still in full development and will hit the market this summer.

But Novation has declared all speculation over. The Rhythm is not a Photoshop project but a real product. They published a little preview of the device on the website.

Novation Circuit Rhythm

Novation Circuit Rhythm

The Circuit Rhythm will have same new “industrial” form factor, same layout, same I/O, but a different internal sound engine. Looks like Novation uses for the new Circuit generation a framework that they can adapt to any product. Reminds me a bit of the new digital synths from Korg and the Roland ZEN-Core that uses a similar developing approach.

In this case the developers will replace the synth + sample engine with a pure sampler engine. The big highlight for the Circuit Rhythm will the ability to sample directly onto the device via the new 2 audio input jacks. In the Circuit tracks, the audio is looped through the effects, here you can sample any audio signal right in the box.

Novation Circuit Rhythm backside

Made For Beatmakers

According to Novation, the upcoming Circuit Rhythm is designed for beatmakers. It comes with a different beat making feature like grid effects (Grid FX) that includes beat repeat, a vinyl simulation, and more. Novation says:

Record samples directly into the machine, sculpt them to suit your style, and resample. Playback samples however you choose, whether you’re chopping straight from vinyl, making basslines and melodies, or punching in drums. Create beats without complications with Circuit Rhythm.

If you look closely at the interface, you can see that the newly added MIDI tracks are not available in the Circuit Rhythm. Instead of these, you have 8 sample tracks. Further, you have dedicated lowpass/highpass filter controls, distortion, and different sample controls (length, start position, tune…). Unfortunately, the latter are completely missing in the Circuit Tracks. Also, you get here a sample record trigger.

I think most Circuit users are waiting for the Circuit Rhythm because it has big new features. Even without a screen, this looks like a very solid 8 track sampler that will offer a lot for 400€. Stay tuned for the full news of the Novation Circuit Rhythm in the Summer.

More information here: Novation 

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