Novation Circuit Rhythm Sampler & Circuit Tracks Synthesizer Leaked

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The Slovak music shop Muziker today leaked two upcoming Novation groove boxes, the Circuit Rhythm a sampler and Tracks, a redesign of the original Circuit.

With the Circuit, Novation celebrated a huge success. It is super portable and offers a lot of creative features at a fair price (two polyphonic Nova synthesizers, a drum machine with sample import, etc.).However, the groove box has gotten old. It has been delighting musicians for 5 years and many users are already dreaming of a Circuit 2 or Circuit Pro.

Now, shortly before the end of the year, things are really getting hot. The Slovak music shop Muziker leaked this morning two new Novation Circuits. The Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks.

Novation Circuit Rhythm

Novation Circuit Rhythm

The shape and the design look familiar to us. Typical Circuit only adapted to the 2020 styling. According to the source, the Novation Circuit Rhythm is a sampling groove box that can sample via the stereo input backside but also load samples via the microSD card reader. There are no details, but it looks like the developers use a new sampling engine paired with the beloved Circuit workflow. How deep this sampling engine is not known. Especially how far you can bend and manipulate samples.

Novation Circuit Rhythm backside

On the backside, you can see a stereo input for sampling, stereo output, sync, full MIDI I/O, a microSD reader, and USB-C connectivity. What a shame it looks like the new generation of the Circuit does not have a helpful display. Many have wished that. The Rhythm will be priced 415€, says

Novation Circuit Tracks

Novation Circuit Tracks

The Circuit Track looks like a re-styled version of the original Circuit. The interface, in particular, has been adapted to the new Novation product designs. The new slim design is very nice. The original Circuit case was thick and robust. This is definitely a design level up.

It features again 2 synth tracks, 4 drum tracks, and two MIDI tracks. The dedicated MIDI tracks are new additions, which makes it even easier to use it as a MIDI sequencer. Whether there are any other new features is not known. The Circuit Tracks should also cost 415 euros.

This information comes from leaks from the online shop Muziker and from the Elektron forum “Elektronautes”. I can neither confirm nor deny whether the information is correct. Novation has not informed me in advance about these products to date, nor sent out top-secret press information. This means I’m not breaking my NDA. I’m doing my job.


More information will follow: Novation

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  1. These “leaked” style marketing is becoming boring. As if it needs to be a secret for people to find it of interest

  2. The back side looks really crowded. I find it hard to believe that novation will go for full size three port midi,unless they are really serious about the midi tracks, but then : why no CV?. I guess moving the head phones port to the front might make sense, but it is in a rather strange position.
    They do look nice, but if these are real, I hope the synth engines are upgraded. If those are the same, then this is going to sound the same, which is a bit flat.

  3. The weakness of Circuit is the small grid and only 2 synths. If they doubled everything, it would be great with 4 synths, 8 drum tracks and more steps. It already has most of what is pictured with the “new” product and the ability to play your own samples. This would be a dumb product indeed.

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