ALM Busy Circuits Jumble Henge, Spectral Stereo Mixer With Worng Electronics

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ALM Busy Circuits teamed up with Worng Electronics for a compact version of its spectral mixer module SoundStage named Jumble Henge

The Eurorack world is shaped by small, talented companies. In contrast to large companies, these try to make something new, even if there is a risk involved. There are also nice collaborations between two manufacturers, which is less common with the big ones. These partnerships often result in very exciting projects. Similar to a developer & musician collaboration. An impulse outside of one’s own bubble can often be very helpful.

ALM Busy Circuits has taken Morgan McWater of Worng Electronics on board for its new module Jumble Enge. Yes, another collaboration, more precisely a British Australian collaboration.

Busy Circuits Jumble Henge

Busy Circuits & Worng Electronics Jumble Henge

Worng Electronics has numerous beautiful modules in its portfolio, many of them in stereo. SoundStage, for example, is a unique spectral mixer with which you can distribute your sounds deep in the stereo field thanks to a clever patch system. ALM Busy Circuits have decided to develop a more compact version of the Soundstage in collaboration with WE. Like SoundStage, Jumble Henge is a stereo spectral mixer but with only 8HP (vs 14HP).

Jumble Henge has 16 inputs where 14 of them have stereo and spectral placement. Each input has a carefully tuned resonant analog filter and a unique fix pan value, providing each sound its own space with the mix. These are divided into different frequency spectrum zones on the front panel: low, low end, high mid, and high section.

It also comes with a mix control to adjust in detail the depth of the filtering. The additional clean stereo input allows you to chain the signals with another mixer or extra sound source.

At first glance, Jumble Henge is a very useful module if you want to distribute your sounds in a stereo image. It’s space-saving with 8HP, intuitive designed, and looks like a perfect tool for creating rich stereo mixer without investing a lot of money in a large Eurorack mixing setup.

ALM Busy Circuits Jumble Henge is available now for £229/250€.

More information here: Busy Circuits

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  1. this works like a charm with a crossfade/vector module such as the Antimatter v3k. Like this you can throw cv controlled effects through the “space”. The Soundstage is great for studio but this is now perfect for the gig rack.

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