ValhallaDelay 1.8.2, New LoFi & PitchDuck Mode For More Delay Experimentations

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ValhallaDSP ValhallaDelay has got a LoFi mode with update 1.8.2, with which you can travel through the sonic spheres of broken, noisy tape echoes

Wait, the Supermassive 1.2 isn’t the only big update. All customers who were willing to invest $50 in the magic ValhallaDelay will also be rewarded with a new mode.

ValhallaDelay is ValhallaDSP’s take of classic and modern delay and echo units. They do not focus on a specific delay but on several, each with their own character and charm. So far, the plugin consisted of 11 detailed and fine algorithms. Today, they introduced the LoFi mode, a new mode available as a free update and according to Sean Costello, this is his favorite so far.

ValhallaDelay 1.8.2

The LoFi mode allows me to get the delay sounds I have been hearing in my head for decades, and is a way of adding layers of patina and depth to any sound.

ValhallaDelay 1.8.2

The LoFi mode brings the characterful, crunchy sound of old tape echoes to the ValhallaDelay plugin. The dirty side of tape echoes that has lots of distortion, lots of wow & flutter, as well as flutter that goes in audio-rate. The direction is clear: make sounds older and less perfect. Lovers of classic clean delay sounds are definitely wrong here. Away from modern clean sounds, towards imperfect, crunchier, harmonic-rich timbres.

According to Sean Costello, it takes any input and creates a halo of fuzzy noise around it. The mode emulates broken tapes and envelops any sounds with a haze of noise and fuzz. The mod rate, mod depth, and age controls allow you to add/remove artifacts. The Era control switch between 3 different levels of brightness, from murky old tapes to a more modern fully-frequency sound.  LoFi is capable of creating unique crusty tape echos, warbly dark reverbs, strange chorus, and sounds that are described as “bees”.


That was not all. With all the excitement of this update, I forgot to mention a new algorithm. The new ValhallaDelay 1.8.2 also introduces the PitchDuck algorithm. It combines the base delay sound of the Pitch mode, with the unique Valhalla one-knob ducking control. This allows the input signal to control the feedback gain and output volume in a smooth and continuous manner.

The results are lush delays and reverbs, well nothing new for Valhalla plugins, as well as adaptive shimmer when combining ducking, pitch shifting, and diffusion. Listen to this Soundcloud demo and you will immediately believe that you are surfing on a Soundcloud.

All in all, another great update. Many musicians will be happy about the Lofi Mode, especially those who like dirt and character. in their sounds.

ValhallaDelay 1.8.2 update is available now as a free download for existing customers. ValhallaDelay is available now for $50 USD and runs in VST, AU & AAX plugin formats on PC & Mac.

More information here: ValhallaDSP

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