iceGear Yukawa, New Multi-Tap Sequence Delay For iOS AUv3

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iceGear, known for its unique synthesizers, is now making AUv3 effects for iOS and Yukawa, a creative multi-tap sequence delay is the first release. 

iceGear from Japan is known for its very own and special sounding synthesizers. I’m a big fan of his apps myself and I’m all the happier to report that iceGear is now also making effects for the AUv3 format. Yukawa is a new AUv3 effect processor that features a multi-tap sequence delay enriched with creative function.

It offers up to 16 different tap points, which are BPM synchronizable, allowing deep rhythmic sequences. That’s not all. Theses sequenced taps can also modulate the volume, pan, as well as the built-in filter frequency and resonance. The latter is described as a DJ mixer with continuous control of lowpass & highpass plus an overdrive for distorted filter sounds. It comes with full MIDI as well as Ableton Link support.

iceGear Yukawa


  • sequence delay: you can set the volume, pan, cutoff frequency, and resonance for each tap of the delay with up to 16 taps that are synchronized to the beat. You can also set the Damp parameter to gradually reduce the high range or low range each time the delay is repeated.
  • stereo delay: a stereo delay with various functions packed into a simple UI. It works not only as a simple stereo delay, but also as a ping-pong delay that produces the effect of sound moving left and right. The delay time can be specified in milliseconds as well as tempo synchronization. By modulation, you can create a modulation effect sound such as chorus. You can also add negative feedback and distortion or noise to the feedback.
  • filter: the DJ mixer style filter can control Low Pass and High Pass Filter seamlessly with one knob. The cutoff frequency can be modulated. Also, overdrive can create a distorted filter sound.
  • routing: on the routing setting screen, you can set which signal is sent where and how much.
  • universal app: compatible with iPad and iPhone, it has multiple screen layouts optimized for different screen sizes.
  • AUv3, AudioBus, Ableton Link 
  • MIDI: inputs, core MIDI, virtual MIDI, Inter-App Audio, MIDI clock sync & MIDI control mapping

Amazing demo by Jakob “haq attaQ”

iceGear Yukawa is available now for $5.99 USD as a universal app for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

More information here: iceGear 

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