Black Friday Hardware Keyboard & Synthesizer Deals 2020

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Black Friday is not only the time for good discounts on audio plugins but also great for hardware keyboard & Synthesizer deals.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and that means deals, deals, deals. Many believe that Black Friday belongs to the plugin deals. That’s not the case. Many stores also make good discount on hardware synthesizers.

This year there are good deals on keyboards and synthesizers from Behringer, Modal Electronics, Korg etc. This is probably just the beginning. I will constantly update the list if I find something good.

Black Friday Hardware Synthesizer Deals

Black Friday Hardware Synthesizer Deals

ProductDiscountInstrument ShopEnds
Korg i3 Black9,2% OFFKeyboard WorkstationThomann-
Behringer MS-1 RD9,28% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Behringer Pro-114,24% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Behringer Wasp Deluxe12,13% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Modal Electronics SKULPT45,66% OFFSynthesizerThomann
MAM Systems MB 33 Retro26,67% OFFSynthesizer Thomann-
Korg Volca Sample (1st Gen)19,85% OFFSamplerThomann-
Behringer TD-3 BU26,36% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Behringer TD-3 RD23,26% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Behringer TD-3 BK26,36% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Kodamo EssenceFM Mk2 Intro Offer21,58% OFFSynthesizerKodamo-
Mutable Instruments Veils Quad VCA (1Gen)30,17% OFFEurorackMusicstore-
Eowave 7U black 2x 104 TE incl. PSU17,54% OFFEurorackMusicstore-
Korg Kronos Sale15,63% OFF (Up To)SynthesizerSweetwater-
Waldorf Kyra13,04% OFFSynthesizerThomann
Vox Continental 61-key17,65 % OFFOrganSweetwater-
Yamaha YC61 61-key Stage Keyboard19.97% OFFKeyboardSweetwater-
Akai Pro MPC Live II13% OFFSamplerThomann30/11/2020
Kurzweil Forte 823% OFFKeyboardThomann30/11/2020
Tiptop Audio ECHOZ White10% OFFEurorackThomann30/11/2020
IK Multimedia Uno Synth29,59% OFFSynthesizerThomann
IK Multimedia
IK Multimedia Uno Drum15,08% OFFDrum MachineThomann
IK Multimedia
1010music Bitbox33.49% OFFEurorackSweetwater28/11/2020
Schneidersladen20% OFF (Up To)EurorackSchneidersladen-
Matttech Modular40% OFF (Up To)EurorackMatttech Modular-
Perfect Circuit40% OFF (Up To)Synthesizer
Drum Machine
Perfect Circuit-
Erica Synths Drum Series30% OFFEurorackErica Synths-
Qu-Bit Electronix15% OFFEurorackQu-Bit Electronix30/11/2020
Korg Prologue 820% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Modal Argon8M10% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Korg Volca Kick10% OFFSynthesizerThomann-
Roland Fantom610% OFFSynthesizer WorkstationThomann-

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All deals including plugins and Kontakt libraries are available here or at Plugin.Deals


  1. What is also remarkable is the sudden drop in price for the Korg ARP Odyssey Rev3 Black Module. It used to be announced around 649,- as is the white version, but now several suppliers are offering it (ToneControl, Thomann, Bax) around 444,-.

    Apart from this BAX in the Netherlands is offering the OB-6 module at a very low price point of 1859,-, which is almost 500 EUR less than its competitors.

    Currently overall discounts of 7,5% – 10% are being offered by various suppliers due to Black Friday.

  2. Skulpt 46% discount is a little exaggerated. List price is 329, last year it was around 260 around black friday and it stayed there. Earlier this month I saw it for 229 at Bax, now it’s 175. So I’d call that a 25% discount.

    Still a good price for a super powerful synth! Very tempted… But I think I’m going to cure my Gas with some freebies like the Realistic MG-1 by Cherry Audio. I really like that one. Sounds great and quick to program.

    Thanks for sharing all of these deals and making the list. Very much appreciated!

    • Early this month was already the Black Friday month 🙂 So it dropped now to this point from the initially 260+ 🙂

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