Sinevibes Dispersion 2.0, novel bouncing ball delay with all-new DSP engine & AAX support

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Sinevibes’ novel bouncing ball delay plugin Dispersion has reached version 2.0 with an all-new DSP engine, updated GUI, and AAX support. 

Sinevibes is one of the most innovative effects plugin developers. From creative distortions, unique delays, spherical reverbs … there is something for everyone. A few months ago, Artemiy Pavlov’s team started to completely modernize the plugins. I reported already on the latest versions of Corrosion, Eternal, Luminance, and others.

Just recently, the innovative bouncing ball delay Dispersion has got a version 2.0 with a redesigned user interface, and an all-new DSP engine with new features.

Sinevibes Dispersion 2

Sinevibes Dispersion 2.0

Dispersion 2.0 is a bouncing ball delay effect plugin for macOS. It is based on up to 32 sequential delay lines whose times are spread exponentially thanks to a novel formula developed at Sinevibes. This algorithm is capable of creating sound repetition akin to a bouncing ball. Sinevibes says:

The key feature is that a single round of such delay bounces is always summing up to a precise tempo fraction – making this a rhythmical effect. It can also gradually spread the pan of the bounces left to right and vice versa, so that the imaginary ball moves within the stereo field. With an optional inverse time spread, multiple feedback shaping features, and trademark alternating-polarity modulation,

Dispersion is anything but a classic delay. It can produce a wide range of unusual, musical rich effects that ranges from delays, reverbs, chorus, ensembles, and more.

At first look, a nice sonic and visual update for this unique delay plugin.

Dispersion 2.0 is available now for $39 USD + VAT/sale tax. Existing Sinevibes customers can purchase it at a 20% discount via newsletter. If you own the previous version of Dispersion or the latest version of the Mac Collection bundle, you can benefit for a special upgrade price for Dispersion 2. The plugin runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS.

More information here: Sinevibes 

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