Noise Engineering Opens The Portal For All-New Versio Module Firmwares

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Noise Engineering opens the core of its Veriso modules (Desmodus Versio) and makes them flashable via the new portal platform including a new ADSR-VCA-filter algorithm.

I love when developers are innovative, benefit from the latest technologies, and pass them on to their customers. In the Eurorack area, Noise engineering does this with the new Versio modules. The first module is the Desmodus Versio, one of the most exciting stereo reverb processors this year. But what many do not know. The reverb algorithm used is only a small part of what the module is capable of.

Desmodus Versio is the first NE module based on the DSP platform Daisy, which allows you to design your own firmware. Now the Portal platform is open, where you can regularly find new firmware from the hands of the developers.

Noise Engineering Portal

Noise Engineering Portal

The new Portal platform is super straightforward. Sign in with the Google Chrome browser, and connect your Versio module using a micro USB cable. Then, you should put the module in the “flashable” mode, and click connect. The first firmware is already available with which you can transform the module into a new one.

Ampla Versio is an all-digital ADSR-controlled VCA with a built-in resonant multimode-filter gate

Noise Engineering Portal

All in all, I am very curious to see how this platform will develop and which firmware NE will provide us. This is just the beginning. Hopefully, we’ll see more great effects algorithms like the Desmodus Versio reverb. You can register here on the Portal website

Noise Engineering Interview

Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio is available now for $345 USD worldwide.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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