Noise Engineering Seca Ruina Released, Multiband Distortion/VCA Eurorack Module

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Noise Engineering has released Seca Ruina, a new multiband distortion Eurorack module with a built-in VCA. 

Noise Engineering stays true to its promise to release new modules every month. The latest module is called Seca Ruina, a new multiband distortion Eurorack module with a built-in VCA in 6HP.

Seca Ruina takes an input, splits it up into three frequency bands, and lets you drive them into annihilation.

Noise Engineering Seca Ruina

SR includes a bypassable VCA on the output and CV over the individual band and universal drive amount. With individual outputs for each band, you can process each band further externally. So much potential in only 6hp!


  • 3 knobs: drive amount for each band and knob acts as an offset for CV
  • CV inputs for each band, controlling the drive amount for each band
  • CV “All” controls the drive of all bands simultaneously
  • individual outputs for each band (high, mid, low out)
  • audio input
  • sum of all three outputs.


  • 85 mA +12V
  • 80 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 21 mm deep

Noise Engineering Seca Ruina is available now for $180 USD. The module is available in a black-white as well as in a silver-black finish.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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