Noise Engineering Pura Ruina Aka Pure Destruction Is A New Multiband Distortion/VCA Module

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Noise Engineering Pura Ruina is a three-stage full-wave rectification that takes distortion in a new sound design direction with CV control over all three stages.

Noise Engineering has today expanded its distortion module portfolio with another release. Pura Ruina is a new multiband distortion module that takes distortion in a new direction. It’s a three-stage full-wave rectification “waveshaper” distortion and not a classic wave-folding. The word Pure Ruina comes from Latin and means pure destruction (Pure Ruina). It’s the final module in Noise Engineering’s Distortion of the Month series for 2019.

It has a dry stage plus three independent stages for rectification with individual outputs. The CV-able level control and sum output add to the fun. Due to the huge amount of control, you can a lot of harmonic content to a simple waveform like a sine wave.

Noise Engineering Pura Ruina

According to the developers, Pure Ruina is very versatile in how you can use it. For example, it can make an interesting replacement for a traditional wave-folder in a Buchla-esque complex oscillator setup or create wild new sounds processing percussion through it. Also, you can delicately shape harmonics when designing sounds from scratch, and much more.

Each stage has an individual level control with corresponding CV and individual out, as well as feeding to the universal Sum output. PR’s rectification creates a unique flavor of distortion, unlike standard wavefolding or clipping. On top, it features a handy built-in VCA.

Size and power

  • 8 HP

  • +12v: 75ma

  • -12v: 65ma

  • +5v: 0ma

Noise Engineering Pura Ruina is now available for $180 USD.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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