Small Business Program, Apple Favors Indie Developers With Lower Commissions In 2021

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From 2021, Apple will favor small and independent app developers (macOS & iOS)  with lower commissions in their new small business program.

With the introduction of the new ARM-based M1 chip in the first MacBooks and Mac Mini, Apple shook the market up. The first benchmarks are impressive, it will be very interesting to see how well it performs with music tech related software. This step is not only very exciting for customers but also for developers of plugins. They have to optimize and update plugins for the new platform. Many do not yet know how these beave in combination with the new M1 hardware and therefore many developers warn against switching to such a system. It’s an experimental phase.

According to many, Apple Rosetta 2 is working well with music software like Ableton Live, Cubase Pro, and even many plugins are running fine. Even without official updates. For iOS app creators, developing for the ARM-based platform is nothing new. iPads and iPhones work with such chips for a very long time, which means that ports of such apps are probably much easier to implement.

Small Business Program

Developing for the Apple AppStore ecosystem has one major disadvantage. Apple takes 30% off every app purchase. For an indie developer who does this as a main job, that’s a lot. This means fewer earnings, an app that costs 10€, the developer effectively gets 7€ – taxes, etc. This also applies to in-app purchases, subscriptions…  Not to forget the long battle between Apple and Epic Games where the latter refuses to pay the 30% commission. But now there is good news for small & independent developers.

Apple Small Business Program

Apple today launched its Small Business Program, with which they favor small developers. It introduces a new commission structure to support small and individual developers and spur innovation for the next chapter of apps. With the new App Store commission structure, small and individual developers who earn up to $1 million in revenue for the calendar year are eligible for a reduced 15 percent commission rate, half of the App Store’s standard commission.

Gauss Field Looper

This is very good news that we have received from Cupertino. Above all, there will be many music tech developers who have fewer app sales from the start anyway. Music tech is a niche compared to gaming, office, etc.

More Developers

It’s a smart move. With this step, Apple is pushing its AppStore ecosystem one step forward, especially now that everyone is talking about the power of the M1. Plus, M1-updated iOS can run on these new machines, which means more potential customers for individual developers. For example, you can benefit from the numerous AUv3 apps in your AUv3 supporting DAW in the future, already now in Logic Pro X.

I am very curious about how the M1 will develop in the future. Especially how strong a MacBook Pro 16 will be. I am very happy that the many highly talented app developers can now earn more from their apps. You deserve it.

App Store Affiliation?

And yes, Apple, there is something else. How about reintroducing the affiliate program for apps for media and content creators. So we can push your AppStore Ecosystem all the more and support talented young app developers. As long as this is not possible, the app coverage on this website will be financed by Patreon. Thanks for your support.

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