Modal SKULPT, Rich-Sounding VA Synthesizer For 169€ During Black Friday

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Modal SKULPT, the portable rich-sounding 4-voice virtual analog Synthesizer with up to 32 oscillators is available now for 169€ during Black Friday. 

If you are looking for a versatile virtual analog Synthesizer that takes up little space in your studio, you cannot ignore the Modal Electronics SKULPT. With four voices, 2 flexible oscillators per voice (32 oscillators max), a juicy-sounding filter, and lots of modulation power, the SKULPT offers a lot of bang for the buck.

For its small size, it gives you a lot of control over the engine on the interface. If the operation is too cumbersome for you, you can use the free cross-platform (PC/Mac/Android/iOS editor) that works perfectly with the hardware.

Modal Skulpt

Modal Electronics SKULPT

Further, I should also highlight that Modal has built into it a nice sequencer with parameter automation as well as MIDI in/out on DIN jacks. It’s rare that a developer puts big MIDI jacks in a portable device like this. The SKULPT fits nicely into your portable synth setup as it can be easily integrated via the Volca/Pocket Pocket Operator compatible sync in/out connections. However, it’s a shame that it only has a mono output.

Aroused your interest? This gets an additional boost with the news that the SKULPT is available for 169€ (45,66% OFF) (regular +/- 300€) during Black Friday. A very good deal considering the feature-rich engine, the fat and jucing sounding digital engine, and the abililty to power it with batteries. To conclude, here is a full review of it.


  • Massive four-voice polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer in a portable, small-format design
  • Eight oscillators with selectable waveforms per voice total 32 oscillators for an ultra-fat sound
  • Three envelope generators for frequency, amplitude, and modulation
  • Two audio-rate LFOs —one global and one polyphonic — to shape your signal
  • Route eight modulator sources to 37 destinations with an 8-slot modulation matrix
  • Formidable arpeggiator featuring division, direction, octave, swing and sustain controls
  • Pre-filter waveshaping overdrive and onboard digital delay with clock sync
  • You can power it over USB or six AA batteries so you can take it with you anywhere
  • Play with the built-in 16-note touchpad or external MIDI controller via 5-pin DIN or USB-MIDI
  • Optional software editor compatible with any macOS, iOS, Windows, or Android Devices

The Modal SKULPT is available now for 169€ (regular +/- 300€) during Black Friday (while stock lasts).

More information here: Modal Electronics

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