AR-909 Is A New TR-909 Inspired Drum Machine App By AudioKit

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AR-909 is Matthew Fecher’s latest limited-edition music app & is a new TR-909 inspired drum machine for iOS powered by pure synthesis

A special place in my music tech heart is always reserved for iOS apps. The still-growing platform offers a huge selection of exciting apps that can keep up with the VST plugin world in terms of features and sound quality. This platform has also grown thanks to an involved community that communicates directly with the developer. Thanks to the iPad Musician group on FB or the AudioBus Forum.

AudioKit Pro, who consists of true enthusiasts of iOS musicians, has now released another “limited edition” app. AR-909 is a new TR-909 inspired drum machine for your pocket. Unlike many other 909 apps, Audiokit’s app is based on drum synthesis and is therefore much more versatile.

LE04 AR-909

LE04: AR-909 Drum Machine

Each of the 11 instruments has its own synthesis block. For example, the Bass Drum includes tune, decay, impulse, and heat controls. You can trigger the sounds either manually with the pads or with a built-in sequencer. Vintage style shuffle and swing brings additional flexibility to the app.

The app works as a standalone app and as AUv3 plugin. However, the initial release of AR-909 has some timing issues when used as an AUv3. According to Matthew Fecher (developer), these problems rely on the AUv3 implementation that makes problems. This has never been done before with Apple’s programming language Swift. One they have it sorted, I think all developers can benefit from this.

Further, the latest update brings AUv3 parameter automation for GarageBand, and several bug fixes. The developers also shared that they are working right now on new features for it.

  • AUv3 automation to AUM
  • MIDI CC and MIDI Learn
  • Better AUv3 timing. For now, try lowering buffer for quicker latency
  • MIDI Out


  • Standalone app & AUv3 Plug-in
  • Tweak the knobs.
  • Vintage style Shuffle/Swing
  • Classic sound with modern power and features
  • Space saving: Entire app under 20mb total
  • Create beats with sequencer or play pads
  • Like having a piece of hardware on your iOS device
  • Add your own vintage drum sounds to your songs & beats
  • Choose your own view configuration. Work the way you want.

AR-909 Drum Machine is available now for a limited time only for $2.99 USD. It requires iOS 11+.

More information here: AudioKit Pro 

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  1. Nice framing!
    There’s this heartful community over here, doing cool stuff. Instead of nitpicking about what’s not there yet, let’s celebrate what’s actually moving forward.
    Thanks for listening to us.

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