WT1 Fuses Three Synthesizers In A New Wavetable Groovebox For iOS

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DesignByPaul WT1 is a new groovebox that features three sequencing synthesizer engines (super saw, wavetable, vector) in one iOS app. 

Let’s continue with iOS. DesignByPaul has today introduced WT1, a new wavetable groovebox for iOS that is based around three independent synth engines. The developer told me that the app has a workflow that invites you to make music quickly and easily.

It has all controls on the screen at once for the immediate sonic tweak and not hidden in different pages.

WT1 Wavetable Groovebox

WT1 Wavetable Groovebox

WT1 hosts three synthesizers in one app. Super-saw for classic Roland super-saw style sounds, wavetable, and vector. The last one allows you to morph through four different waveforms, each with individual pitch control. Each synth features a filter, ADSR envelope, and LFO section. Further, you have a step sequencer for each synth. Three effects (reverb, chorus & delay) rounds up the entire engine.

Unfortunately, the app has no AUv3 support, which is a shame. This is almost a must-have for an iOS music app from 2020. Hope he can offer the app as an audio unit in the near future.

DesignByPaul WT1 Wavetable Groovebox is an iPad-only app and  is available now for $2,99 USD/3.49€ on the Apple AppStore.

More information here: DesignByPaul

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