Behringer Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027, the sequencer for their 2500 series

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The Behringer 2500 Eurorack modules now as a sequencer, it’s a clone of the vintage ARP 2500 Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027. 

A new release every day. Once it is celebrated, once it is torn, even people attack the news writer in their emotional anger. That’s the daily crazy madness when you write Behringer news. And today there is something new again, something I can live with better than yesterday’s news.

Behringer’s 2500 module series, i.e. clones of the ARP 2500, has been expanded by one module. The long-awaited Clocked sequential control module 1027 aka 2500 sequencer has now been officially announced.

Behringer 1027

Behringer 1027

The Behringer 2500 module system now has its own sequencer, the clocked sequential control module 1027. I think many have been waiting for it. The sequencer used to be very advanced, today it’s rather simple if you compare it with current performance sequencers. Unlike the original, the clone designed by Rob Keeble of AMSynths has 8 steps what makes it more modern than the former 10 steps.

The exciting thing about the original, as well as this replica, is the design that catches your eye. The 8 steps of the sequencer go from top to bottom and each step is highlighted by an LED. So no left to right sequencing. Then, you get 3 groups (bronze, green, yellow) of 8 knobs where each group has its own voltage per step. One sequencer then becomes three because you can drive three different tunes with one sequencer. Or just use a single with two additional step modulations such as animating a cutoff frequency.

The module has its own clock generator with a CV-controlled on/off button and adjustable pulse width output. On the right side, you have position gates that send out a gate on each. These can also be used to make sequencers shorter, as you know it from vintage sequencers.

Other Modules

What is special about this module is that it works closely with two other modules: the 1026 Presets Voltage & 1050 Mix Sequencer modules. Both are mentioned on the Behringer website but there are no announced clones of these yet. These will certainly follow later.

I am sure that this sequencer can be a lot of fun. Since almost nobody has an ARP 2500 at home, many will be interested to trying out this sequencer, similar to the Behringer 960, which is a Moog sequencer clone.

Behringer 1027 will be available soon for $149 USD.

More information here: Behringer

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