Sound Mangling Brings Vector Synthesis To Korg Logue Synthesizers

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Sound Mangling transforms Korg logue synths into a vintage-inspired vector Synthesizer with its new user oscillator Vector Synthesis.

The Korg logue synthesizers are true hybrid sound beasts. Thanks to their built-in innovative multi-engine, they can be constantly reinvented. Tim Shoebridge aka Sound Mangling has just released another user oscillator with which you can discover a new sonic sphere of the Korg logue synths.

After he already published the Korg DW-8000 in logue form, he has now taken on the subject of vector synthesis. According to Tim, it attempts to recreate the basic capabilities of legendary vector synthesizers such as the Sequential Prophet VS and Korg Wavestation. It’s not an easy undertaking, but he managed to implement it into the multi-engine.

Sound Mangling Vector Synthesis

Vector Synthesis For Logue Synths

This user oscillator contains recreations of 16 of the Prophet VS’s original digital waveforms. Tim designed these waveforms himself in the development process. We don’t learn much about the user oscillator operation on the website. But in the video, you can see that this requires some menu diving action that is a bit unsexy. But that’s normal for multi-engine user oscillators, unfortunately.

You can see in the video that you can morph through 4 different waveforms. We love this ability on classic vector synths, and of course, you can do it also here. All in all, a very tempting user oscillator, in my opinion. Mainly, because it elicits interesting raw timbres from the logue synths. Great work Tim.

Sound Mangling Vector Synthesis user oscillator is available now for $19 USD and is compatible with Korg minilogue xd, prologue & NTS-1. You can buy it also in a bundle with the Waveform oscillator for $28,50 USD. The product includes the user oscillator and 13 presets. They will only work on the minilogue xd Synthesizer.

More information here: Sound Mangling

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