Sinevibes Corrosion v2, a colorful bouquet of distortions for Korg Logue synths

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Sinevibes has updated its Corrosion distortion plugin for Korg Logue synthesizers to v2 with five new algorithms and better sound quality. 

With the multi-engine, Korg has created an extremely exciting platform on which third-party developers can develop new digital engines. These can be new types of oscillators or effects including delays, reverbs, and more.

Sinevibes from Ukraine is one of the leading developers in this field. With their modern, innovative oscillators and effect plugins, they have constantly proven their talent for state-of-the-art DSP codes but also the power of the multi-engine. One plugin is called Corrosion, a multi-type distortion that got a major free update today.

Sinevibes Corrosion v2

Sinevibes Corrosion v2

Corrosion v2 is a further development of the excellent Corrosion v1 plugin for Korg Logue synthesizers. Version 2 is again a versatile distortion effect with a colorful selection of different, innovative algorithms.

In the free update, you can explore in total of 10 rich-sounding distortion types such as saturation, clipping, wave folding, wave shaping, and more. 5 of them are new in Corrosion v2 including parabolic, soft clip, sine clip, sine foldback, and binary shred.

Each of these algorithms affects the input signal in its own unique way. Signals can be easily distorted with it, give more character and bite, even completely shape them up to destroy them tonally.

According to the developer, they improved the code of the plugin to achieve a better sound quality. They use 2x oversampling to reduce aliasing, boosted the maximum input gain, and added a self-leveling output gain in the new version.

Further, the developers have upgraded the built-in noise gate algorithm with an exponential release stage and higher threshold.

A great update for the Corrosion Korg plugin. If you want to give your Korg Logue synth character for little money, you shouldn’t miss out on these high-quality algorithms. They are sound design gold.

Sinevibes Corrosion v2 is available now for $19 USD + VAT and is compatible with the Korg NTS-1, minilogue XD and Prologue 8/16. The update is free of charge for existing customers of Corrosion v1. With a purchase, you are supporting not only an independent company, but also passionate developers from Ukraine.

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