Softube Splits Its Latest Synth Plugins Into 11 New Modular Modules

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Softube decouples its Synthesizer plugins Parallels, Monoment Bass, and Statement Lead and makes the engines available as 11 new modules in Modular

Softube heralds the modular month of October and continue where they left off with their Minimoog emulation Model-72. They now split even more synth plugins into individual modules. That’s a great idea because so Softube can expand its modular plugin nicely with its own creation.

Parallels wave scanning Synthesizer, Monoment Bass and Statement Lead are now also available in modular form.

Softube 11 modules

11 New Modules For Softube Modular

Let’s start with the Parallels transformation.  There are five new modules to discover if you have a Parallels plugin license. Parallels Source is the oscillator section of Parallels , is cv-controllable, and equipped with built-in amp & color envelopes, vibrato, and one-shot mode. Parallels Shape is the filter section and offers three built-in modes (LPG, SVF, and RES).

The modulation engine has also found its way into the modular system under the name Parallels Mod & Parallels env. MOD features four different modulation modes (LFO, random source, euclidian sequencer & step sequencer) where three of them are externally clockable. The sequencers have extensive CV control over the first step, the last step, and the output slew. ENV is the A(D)SR modulation envelope from Parallels and is externally triggered by a gate over 1.33v and has CV control over each phase at any time. The fifth and last module from Parallels is the FX section that offers five cv-controllable effects including distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, and reverb, that can be run one at a time.

Softube 11 modules

More Modules

Monoment Bass and Statement Lead are now also modules for Softube Modular. Monoment / Statement Source is the oscillator section and features an amplitude envelope, waveform mixing, dirt level, and aging as parameters. Parameters like dirt level, punch, release, and again parameters have CV control. Both differ not only in the sound content but also in playability. Monument can only be played monophonically, where Statement Source also has polyphony support.

The filter section of both plugins is also available as a module: The Statement has a built-in filter envelope and sequencer whereas the Monoment Filter offers a built-in envelope and LFO. Both modules are fully CV-controllable and functions (slew, range, amount, swing…) have dedicated CV controls. Further, you have the effects sections from both plugins. On one side, Monoment FX offers cv-controllable bass improving effects like drive, EQ, multi-comp, and spatialization, that can be run one at a time. On the other side, Statement FX incorporates another five effects including drive reverb, delay, multi comp, and specialization that are all cv-controllable.

A very nice update and, above all, a lot of added value for every plugin owner. I happy to see that Softube Modular continues to grow and above all with its own modules that are not available elsewhere.

This Softube 11 modules update is free for all users of the respective plugins. If you already the Modular plugin and are interested in the new modules, you can save now. For a limited time, Parallels, Monoment Bass, Statement Lead, and all other modules are on sale.

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