Modal Updates ARGON8 To Firmware 2.0: Poly Step Sequencer, MPE Support & More

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Modal Electronics updates its award-winning ARGON8 Synthesizer series to firmware 2.0 with a polyphonic step sequencer, MPE support & more

Good hard- & soft news from Modal Electronics. Firstly, the ARGON 8M, the desktop version of the ARGON8 wavetable Synthesizer and the long 8X version are now available. Both are great additions to the ARGON range, one for musicians who like it compact, the other for keyboard players for example for the stage.

At the same time, Modal is releasing a major firmware 2.0 update for the ARGON Synthesizer range that includes some big new features and improvements.  The new version adds seven new envelope modes & three new curves that make ambient-oriented musicians very happy. With these, you can create longer pads, drones, and snappier percussions.

Argon8 Firmware 2.0

Polyphonic 64 Step Sequencer

In firmware 2.0 the built-in 512 step sequencer was also drilled out and expanded. Here, the developers have integrated a brand-new polyphonic 64-step sequencer mode that provides an eight note-per-step sequencer. It allows full step-by-step control of melodies and pattern ideas. It also features several Step Modes to unlock significant flexibility to trigger sequences in different ways suiting various setups and performance situations.

All About Performance (MPE Support…)

With Firmware v2.0, ARGON8 introduces support of the MPE standard. This function was requested by many musicians and is now there. With compatible controller hardware (ROLI, Linnstrument…), you can now enjoy polyphonic expression to re-discover ARGON8 super flexible wavetable synth engine.

Modal adds a staggering new performance feature in the shape of Chord Inversions to ARGON8 – an intuitive and experimental way to deploy chord inversions and variations in real-time, enabling a huge array of options to explore and greatly simplify complex chord voicings to both seasoned keys players and novices.

Modal Electronics Argon8

More Gain, Better Audio Output

In the past few weeks, the comments in the forums (Gearslutz…) about problems with the gain/output of the Argon8 synthesizers have increased. The developers have also noticed this and now offer an improved audio output staging and advanced dynamics options. A new Gain Boost setting applies to all patches. It increases the average output level while expanding the range of the Patch Gain control helps to boost even the quietest patches without introducing unwanted noise.

Updated App & New Sounds

The Argon8 Firmware 2.0 update is free of charge for existing users. ARGON8, ARGON8X, and ARGON8M models are available through selected retailers worldwide, and the MODALapp is required to install the firmware update.

More information here: Modal Electronics

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