BPB Dirty Filter, Free Plugin That Gives Your Tracks Character & Bite

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The BPB Dirty Filter free plugin creates anything from subtle effects, classic filtering to crazy distortions thanks to its dual filter & tube distortion core. 

Bedroom Producer Blog has been around for over 10 years. Wow, respect and congratulations Tomislav for your work. I’ve known you personally for several years now and I know that you do all of this with all your heart and soul for the music. Your blog did a lot to turn the whole free plugin market into a true community. But you also keep showing that you can produce good music with free plugins, DAW, etc. They are tools like any other. I can only wish you that it goes on like this. Happy Birthday, BPB.

BPB is celebrating his birthday with a new free plugin called BPB Dirty Filter. It is a freeware, cross-platform tube distortion effect for PC & Mac. However, it is more than just a simple distortion plugin as it has handy sound shaping features.

BPB Dirty Filter

BPB Dirty Filter

Its core consists of two filters (high- & low-pass), and a tube distortion. Further, you have a slope control (12, 24, 36, 0r 48 dB/octave) for the filter, a mix knob, volume control, and a drive knob. The latter is the most important because it controls the resonance for both filters and the amount of tub distortion that is applied to the signal. So, the parameter that gives the audio signal that certain something.

According to BPB, Dirty Filter can operate as a multi-band distortion effect because the users can apply the distortion around specific areas of the signal. As I said, it’s not just a classic distortion plugin. Either you can use it as a traditional dual filter (drive 0) or with higher drive settings as an amazing sound-shaping tool. He says:

Set the Drive to 35 and the low-pass Cutoff frequency to around 45 Hz to add thump to a kick drum. The same can be done to snare or any other percussive instrument. Experiment with different Mix values to find the perfect amount of distortion for your drum loop.

The extreme is not far away either. Set the drive knob to 100 and increase the slope to create dirty audio effects. This is also possible in controlled doses thanks to the mix Knob. Controlled chaos can enrich sounds; complete chaos can destroy it. You decide what you like best. BPB Dirty Filter can do both.

BPB Dirty Filter is an absolute must-have for all music producers who are looking for free creative plugins. It’s amazing for quick filter sweeps, subtle audio improvements but also perfect for giving tracks a new character.

It is available for free in 32-bit & 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for PC & Mac

More information here: BPB 

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