UVI Soul Bass, new hybrid virtual bass instrument with a vintage soul

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UVI has released Soul bass, a new hybrid virtual bass instrument powered by an engine packed with multi-sampled electronic and synth basses.

Electronic musicians prefer to create their bass sounds with synthesizers. For those who would like to use an electronic bass, there are two options. Either buy an electric bass and learn to play it or you can use the cheaper and simpler solution of a virtual instrument. Yes, you can also play it from the keyboard. Another plus point.

UVI has just released a new virtual bass instrument with a neat hybrid concept. They fused classic vintage electric basses with synthetic basses in a new hybrid instrument. The best of both worlds in one instrument.

UVI Soul Bass

UVI Soul Bass

Soul Bass is a new hybrid bass virtual instrument that brings together the new and the old. For this, the developers created a hybrid sound structure featuring an electric and a synthetic part. The electric side includes recording done by string-by-string recording, with over 75000 samples. They capture numerous playing techniques, including hammer, pull-off, ghost, slide, and harmonic for each of the playing styles (finger bridge, finger neck, finger mute, pick, and pick mute.

And as always, UVI offers the users full controllability over the sound engine by offering a multitude of parameters. You can modify the hand position, technique, and play style to nuts-and-bolts control over amplitude, filter, pitch, and more.

The second part is the synth layer that gives you near-identical controls and a link button for matched edits. This section includes sounds from classic synths, representing analog, FM, physical modeling, vintage digital, and raw waves. Thus both sound worlds can be combined with each other and so you can create your own bass sound.

UVI Soul Bass

Effects & Sequencer

This customizability also includes a full effects section with tube screamer, thorus, phasor, feedback compressor, tone stack, and the IR-based convolver. All effects that come from the Falcon 2 Synthesizer. The chain is duplicated for both the electronic and synth layers, each with multiple flavors of delay and reverb available as sends, while a mastering EQ and compressor finish it off.

To create the perfect groove, UVI also added in Soul Bass a powerful sequencer with a custom library of inspiring fully-editable bass patterns with MIDI drag-and-drop support. The library includes 200 ready-to-use presets and 310 sequencer patterns,

UVI Soul Bass is available now for a special introductory price of $59 / 59€ through November 6th, 2022 (regularly $99 / 99€). It runs as an instrument in the UVI Falcon Synthesizer or in the free UVI Workstation plugin. It requires an iLok software account.

More information here: UVI 

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