Kodamo Is Working On A Keyboard Synth Alternative To The EssenceFM

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The EssenceFM is one of the most powerful FM synths ever released, now Kodamo is working on a keyboard alternative with more or less the same epic engine

Kodamo presented its EssenceFM relatively quietly at the French SynthFest last year. This is probably one of the most exciting FM synthesizers in recent years. Before this year’s summer vacation, the first units were sent to happy pre-orderers. What makes it so strong and worthwhile is its extremely deep FM engine that goes far beyond a classic DX 7.

In short: up to 300 voice of polyphony, 16-part multitimbral, fully customizable FM algorithms with own waveforms and envelope shapes, up to 1800 operators & 4200 envelopes at the same time, two built-in effect processors & more. All of this is fitted into a case that can be used as a desktop synth or as a classic rack unit.  Sounds a lot like a Monster FM synthesizer, but it is all the more exciting for many musicians when it is built into a keyboard case. Kodamo is now responding to this.

Kodamo EssenceFM

EssenceFM Keyboard Alternative

According to the latest Facebook post, the developer is working on a keyboard synth that will have a few things in common with the EssenceFM but not everything. So it will not be a keyboard version of this FM Megasynth but an alternative. They are at a very early design stage and their plan is to keep making and improving the EssenceFM while offering an alternative for keyboard friends.

Kodamo EssenceFM Keyboard

What Should An EssenceFM Look Like?

What this device will contain is not yet known, but we could help the developer to build an innovative, modern keyboard FM Synthesizer. If the synth only has half the power of the engine, i.e. up to 150 voices, 900 operators … but an extremely easy-to-use interface, a polyphonic aftertouch keyboard, and still 16 part multitimbral, people will be very happy.

We can be curious about what Kodamo will present to us in the future. With the EssenceFM he has already proven his talent for innovative FM synthesizers.

Kodamo EssenceFM is available now for 1390€.

More information here: Kodamo 

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