THC Unveils Recursive Machine, A Portable Battery-Operated Patchable DIY Synthesizer

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THC Recursive Machine is a portable, battery-powered, semi-modular Synthesizer /noise machine that has everything to make crazy, weird sounds

The Human Comparator from Sweden should not be unknown to many musicians interested in hardware synthesizers. Among other things, the company is known for its excellent TTSH v4 (ARP 2600 replica) or Pearl Syncussion SY-1 drum Synthesizer replica. Both products however are only available as an advanced DIY kit.

Now the company is back with the Recursive Machine, a new portable, compact semi-modular drone/noise Synthesizer. Again a DIY project, it has everything to experiment loud and wild.

the human comparator recursive machine

A Portable Noise Lunchbox

Recursive Machine features 2 VCOs, 1 VCF, 2 VCA, 2 LFOs, 1 Mixer as well as an effect section with a distortion, digital spring reverb and two PT2399 delays. As a cherry on the whole, there is also a speaker in the device. Visually, I would rather see it as a teenage engineering device, but it is not. However, it would fit to its concepts: small, portable, speakers, etc.Recursive Machine

Semi-Modular Engine

The synth has a pre-wired signal path but it can be changed or expanded using patch cables. For example, VCA 1 and delay 1 are controlled by LFO by default, while LFO2 affects VCA 2 and delay 2. The oscillators feature frequency modulation (FM) and other components such as the filter, distortion, and reverb have CV inputs for modulation. At first glance, the new synth from The Human Operator can do a lot in a small space.

Another highlight is that the synthesizer is battery operated and includes a built-in speaker and, therefore, be used anywhere as a portable noise machine. The housing is 3D printed and looks very nice especially with the practical handle.

The Human Comparator Recursive Machine costs 999 Swedish kronor, which corresponds to around 96€. This includes two circuits boards and the 3D-printed frame.

You have to get the other components yourself. For example, the price for the required parts at Mouser is around 126€. Plus, you need three chips for the delays (PT2399), reverb (BDTR-2H) as well as 33 potentiometers. So you end up with around 260 € plus shipping costs but without the time you invest to build it. The developer expect to ship it beginning of July.

More information here: THC 

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