Behringer RSF Kobol clone/replica is ready for production

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Behringer starts 2021 with New Year’s congratulations and with a teaser of an upcoming RSF Kobol analog Synthesizer clone. 

Good news for everyone waiting for RSF Kobol clone/replica from Behringer. According to the last report, the Behringer Kobol is fully developed and will soon go into production.

I’m very curious about how authentic the version is. The original Kobol was a very unique synth with a very distinct sound character.

Behringer Kobol

Behringer says

The Kobol synthesizer is a true legendary synthesizer, designed by the long extinct company RSF. It’s so addictive that you’ll never want to put it down. It has amazing morphing features, but also full patch memory.
Get ready to rock out with the Kobol and unleash your inner musician! The Kobol is now fully developed and scheduled for production. We’re super excited

Article From March 19th, 2022

For the New Year, more precisely on January 3, 2021, Behringer posted the first teaser of their RSF Kobol replica/replica project that they are doing together with the French developer Gilles. Today they gave an update and it seems like the Kobol is pretty much done.

Behringer also says Gilles is taking a closer look at the RSF Polykobol. So a clone/replica of the Polykobol is maybe in the planning stage. It would be interesting because they were very special vintage synthesizers that were very rare

Behringer Kobol

Behringer says

Today we’d like to celebrate our French synthesizer engineer Gilles, who is working on amazing Kobol recreations made by the long defunct RSF company.
RSF was a French company founded by Ruben and Serge Fernandez.
The Kobol was their first monophonic synthesizer released in 1978 and described as the “French Minimoog”. However, fewer than 200 were made, as the company lacked the funds. The Kobol synthesizer offers many unique features such as patch sequencer, morphing VCOs with sweepable waveforms and also full memory recall.
Behringer Kobol Gilles
The RSF Kobol is an amazing sounding synthesizer, used by Vince Clarke, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel and Hans Zimmer.
While Gilles has almost completed our Kobol recreation, he has also now started to study the Poly Kobol, one of the world’s rarest and sought-after synthesizers. We were so lucky to have received a unit.
Gillles is an incredibly passionate and talented engineer, who loves to revive the legacy of French synthesizers. Were so proud of him and please send him some love. Gilles is reading here:-)

Article January 3rd, 2021

The year is only 3 days old and there is a direct new indirect announcement from Behringer. Today they wished all the best for the new year in a short Facebook post and at the same time teased a new instrument.

It looks like they will release a clone of the RSF Kobol. Monophonic or polyphonic is not known.

Behringer RSF Kobol
Source: Behringer FB

We from Behringer wish you a very Happy New Year! Please stay safe!

Behringer RSF Kobol?

It would be a surprise if Behringer brings a Kobol back onto the market. The original units were very special and kind of niche analog synths. Not the big stars like the Moogs, Korgs, Rolands or Oberheims. If its a clone of the RSF Kobol expander, it will have 2 VCO, 1 VCF with 24dB, 2 ADS envelopes, 1 envelope, a built-in 2×8 step sequencer and memory for 16 patches.

If Behringer stays true to his line (Poly-D…), they may turn it into a paraphonic Kobol-inspired Synthesizer. Maybe even a polyphonic one. We will see it in the near future. The picture shows that the synth is built into the typical Behringer keyboard case. The same we know from the Poly D, MonoPoly…

More information will follow here: Behringer

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  1. The only reason RSF didn’t succeed in the market was because they were a rather small company and couldn’t keep up with the demand for their stuff. Veey few Kobol and Polykobol (and pk2, expanders and mixers) were made.
    The Polykobol 2 is a wonderful synth capable of sequencing, multitimbral and provides gorgeous sounding evolving pads.
    Of all the polysinths from the past, the PK2 is a unicorn.

  2. Is this article full of the wrong year, or is it really talking about stuff that happened over a year ago?

    • “Article from…” so it’s an update on the article from last year. I don’t make new articles for updates on the development. Behringer announced on January 3rd, 2021 and gave an update last week with new pictures etc.

  3. “Ready for production” is the Behringer way of saying “you could get within the next two years”.
    Whatever happened to the bcr-32? Or the Behringer Wave?

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