Otto’s DIY By Intech Studio Is A New Prototyping Environment For Eurorack Users

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The Eurorack world can be divided into two parts: musicians who buy pre-built modules in shops or who develop or solder them themselves. The latter is gaining popularity and many people are gathering to attend soldering workshop. Intech Studio, a music company try to bring some fresh wind in this Eurorack domain.

The Otto’s DIY by Intech Studio is a new electronic construction kit that gives you everything you need to create your own Eurorack modules.

Otto’s DIY Ecosystem consists of eurorack compatible prototyping printed circuit boards (PCBs), carefully chosen electrical components and mechanical parts. The design allows you to build sandwich style skiff friendly modules, while the included set of hardware makes your build just as durable as any other factory made module. The PowerBrick extension is responsible for powering your circuit while protecting the rest of your modular system.

Otto’s DIY PCB Panels

There are currently two DIY panels available: the Protoboard-1120 and Stripboard-480.

  • Double sided plated through-hole connections
  • Easy to solder square pads
  • Optional case grounding/shielding
  • 10 easy-access ground connections
  • Break-away tabs for stackable desig

  • 16 HP eurorack compatible
  • 28×40 prototyping-area
  • Pad per hole layout
  • 8 HP eurorack compatible
  • 12×40 prototyping-area
  • Breadboard-style strip layout

The PowerBrick comes pre-assembled, it connects your Otto’s DIY build to the power distribution board of your modular rack.

  • Supply noise filtering
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-voltage clamping
  • Current limiting
  • Status indicator LED
  • 10 & 16 pin busboard connection
Hardware pack

The hardware package includes 10 mm standoffs, M2 bolts, nuts and a 16pin IDC busboard cable to power your module. The hardware pack is included free of charge in every perk.  (The amount of components vary with the number of PowerBricks in the perk.)

The Otto’s DIY ecosystem was created for safe experimentation, easy and fast module prototyping. The printed circuit-boards are designed to fit common parts of synthesizers. The coordinates of the holes in the prototyping area are numbered along the edges of the panels to help the layout process. The pre-drilled holes make it easy to mount potentiometers and jack sockets even for relatively inexperienced craftsman. Just extend the size of the hole with a larger drill-bit and install any panel mount component.

The Otto’s DIY is now available on Indiegogo with a starting price of $20 USD for the Core Kit.

More information here: Otto’s DIY  

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