Elektron Analog Four & Analog Rytm: New Firmwares Packed With New Creative Features

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Elektron has not only given its Analog series a new black dress but also major firmware updates with new features (step recording mode, USB audio…) & more. 

Yes, it is valid for old including the Analog Keys and new devices including the Analog Key and includes plenty of music-making bonuses for everyone.

The new class-compliant USB audio functionality is, however, reserved for the MKII only, probably because of the older hardware of the MK1 hardware. It transforms both devices into a USB audio interface with phone, tablet, or computer compatibility. This makes both devices much more flexible and versatile at software level: parameter automation, bi-directional audio processing, audio recording, MIDI sequencing & sync, more modulation…

Elektron Analog Rytm & Analog Four OS Updates

Features For All Devices Including Mk1

From here it will be relevant again for users of the Analog Rytm and Analog Four Mk1. A big new feature is the step recording mode, which we already know from the last Digi updates. The machines can now input notes into the sequencer step by step. For Analog Rytm users, you can even input multiple tracks simultaneously. On Analog Four, things stay tasty allowing you to input chords per step. Don’t forget, you can use this new handy feature also to control other gear over MIDI, CV, and gate.

Both devices now have the power of Trig Probability in their arsenal. With great power comes controlled unpredictability. Take a pattern, take a chance, and see where you go! Also onboard is now Trig Preview that lets you preview individual trigs quickly and easily whenever you want, keeping you ahead of the track and never missing a step. Besides this, the Elektron developers improved the sample & sound management, and more. For example, the new sample & sound management allows you to remove whatever you’re not using, giving you more room for new sounds and new music.

As a little bonus, they also include new factory content in the library. This is available for the MKII versions, not for the MKI or Analog Keys. Important: To use the upgraded Analog OS with Overbridge, please update to Overbridge 2.0.41. A nice update with many inspiring new features for all customers of both devices, whether old or new.

Elektron Analog Four 1.50 & Analog Rytm 1.60 OS Updates are available now as a free download. The new Analog Four MkII & Analog Rytm MkII Black series are available now.

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