Ambient Waves Festival 2020 Online Releases 6 Hours Of Cosmic Electronic Music

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Lean back and enjoy more than 6 hours of cosmic, electronic music with lots of synthesizers from the Ambient Waves Festival 2020.

Ambient Waves is a festival of cosmic, electronic music in the Nazareth church in Munich, which took place for the first time in 2019. Founded by Andreas Merz and Christian Seidler, it aimed at the soundscapes of the 70s Krautrock (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze…), Berlin School, ambient & more.

In May of this year, it should take place for the second time, but the Covid-19 virus came which made it impossible for the organisators. Without further ado, they decided on an online version, where they capture the spirit of the festival in video form. This weekend the time had come: the Ambient Waves took place online and the result is over 6 hours of electronic soundscapes that you can watch and listen to for free on Vimeo.

Ambient Waves 2020 online

Gear & Music

Friends of electronic live music and gear will enjoy these streams. Vintage synthesizers, large modular systems to very exotic instruments, the Ambient Waves festival 2020 has it all. No less interesting is the number of prominent and lesser-known musicians. A beautiful, harmonious mixture of both.

  • Lucid Grain
  • Wellenvorm
  • Der Mann mit der Maschine
  • Gunnar Spardal
  • Tonbender
  • Mathias Rehfeld
  • Kurt Ader
  • Markus Gabriel

  • Moogulator
  • Siegfried Kärcher
  • Andreas Merz, Peter Brümmer, Gerhard Mayrhofer
  • Dieter Döpfer movie
  • Gert Jalass
  • Albin Meskes
  • Seifert und Steinbuechel
  • Menzman
  • Klippschliefer
  • EL-KA – Hajo Liese und Till Kopper
  • SpyLi – Wolfram Spyra und Hajo Liese
  • Peter Frohmader
  • Nathan Moody
  • Johannes Schmoelling (ex-Tangerine Dream) 20Y Viktoriapark Records.

According to the organization, Ambient Waves Festival will be back in the Nazareth Church in Munich from 23.09.21 until 26.09.21.

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