Bragi Modular Frigg EQ, New Equalizer For Eurorack Made by Vikings

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The young Danish company Bragi Modular shows us their first module Frigg EQ, a dead-simple Eurorack equalizer in Viking look.

Attention, the Vikings are docked in the Eurorack world, more precisely the new company Bragi Modular. The first module of the young Danish company is a simple but very helpful equalizer module named Frigg EQ.

It features a highpass filter with a selectable cutoff (0,80, 200, and 400 Hz) followed by a high-band EQ ranging from 900Hz to 6kHz. Further, it has a low-band EQ from 120Hz to 900Hz. They all work with a slope of 12dB/octave. Perfect to boost or attenuate frequencies in your Eurorack system.

Bragi Modular Frigg Eq

Since there are very few EQ modules in the Eurorack area, we can be very happy about this release. And already seen the absolutely beautiful, designed knobs that even have Viking helmets as an engraving. Very nice!

Bragi Modular Frigg EQ is available now for 80€.

More information here: BM 

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