JSI Intros PROGUE, Moog Prodigy & Rogue Inspired DIY Analog Synthesizer

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JSI packs the feature sets and sound characters of the vintage  Moog Prodigy & Rogue together and transforms both into a new analog DIY Synthesizer called PROGUE

There is again great news from the DIY front. The new developer JSI is currently working on the PROGUE, a new desktop analog DIY Synthesizer. It is a new development but is based heavily on two well-known vintage synthesizers from Moog, the Prodigy, and Rogue.

Both were affordable monophonic analog synthesizers from Moog that made it easier for many to enter the synth world. With this as a template, JSI developed an entirely new synth. The final result is very reminiscent of a classic Moog instrument.

JSI Progue


Everything starts with two synchronizable oscillators (saw, square, PWM) where OSC2 can be detuned to OSC1 with the help of the interval and bipolar beat. In the oscillator section, you can find also a dedicated LFO for modulation the pulse width. Also here are two knobs for the glide and tuning of the oscillators. Both oscillator signals then go to a mixer where you can add a noise generator.

The sum is then routed into a lowpass filter (probably ladder) that can be controlled with the cutoff/emphasis/coutour/key track knobs but also via a dedicated ADSR envelope. Available are two ADSR envelopes, one for the filter (VCF) and one for the amplifier (VCA). Like in the vintage Moogs, the decay and release are set with the same control and release can be switched off or on. The VCA also offers an additional gate function. Besides the two ADSR envelopes, PROGUE also comes with a multi-wave LFO on the bottom that can be used to modulate the oscillator and filter separately or at the same time.

JSI Progue

The signal is then sent to the output. Interestingly before that happens, there is also a resonance-free high-pass filter, without an option to tweak it. Probably good to reduce the bass amount of a patch. PROGUE will be fully analog synth without a patch saving function. On the backside, it comes with a power supply input (15VAC), MIDI In, CV In, Gate, VCF CV, external in, line out, and headphone input. The external signal input is a nice extra function, so you can use the juicy analog lowpass filter with other sound generators.

At the moment there is no website, only a video and no information when the JLS PROGUE will officially be launched. The developer plans to have the DIY kit ready by the end of the year. More information will follow.

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