Tek’it Audio Syntik-DR 1.5, Drum Synth Plugin Now Available For MacOS

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Tek’it Audio Syntik-DR, a well-known Windows-only drum Synthesizer plugin is now available for Mac OS in a new reworked 1.5 version

Drum Synthesizer plugins with a pure synthesis engine are rarer on the market. One of them is the Syntik-DR from Tek’it Audio, but it often follows under my radar because it was a pure Windows plugin. To be honest, I prefer to report on releases that are cross-platform or at least run on Windows and Mac. The good news is: Syntik-DR 1.5 is out and it’s finally available for macOS.

Syntik-DR is a drum synth that is based on up to 4 sound layers. Each layer consist of an oscillator with 4 different waveforms (sine, triangle, saw, pulse) that can be then shaped further. It can be modulated using one of the 7 waveforms of the FM oscillator or crafted further with filters, bit-crusher, boost, and distortion effects. The plugin is capable of producing massive drum sounds and complex textures. From deeply layered kicks, lo-fi percussions, unique FX, and more.

Syntik-DR 1.5

New In Tek’it Audio Syntik-DR V1.5.0

  • Add 64-bit VST2 support for Windows.
  • Add 64-bit VST3 support for Windows.
  • Add 64-bit Audio Unit support for macOS.
  • Add .vstpreset and aupreset format support.
  • Add .xmlpreset and .xmlbank to exchange preset between formats.
  • New Windows installer program to support the new plug-in formats.
  • Add package installer for macOS.
  • Drop support for Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • Revised “End User License Agreement”.
  • UI Plug-in information screen updated.
  • User manual revision 1.

Tek’it Audio Syntik-DR is available now for 15€/$20 during the Summer Sale. Regular 39€/$49 USD. The plugin is available as VST2/VST3 plug-in for Windows and Audio Unit for macOS.

More information here: Tek’it Audio

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