Puremagnetik Releases Parsec, A Creative Spatial Manipulation Plugin

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Puremagnetik Parsec is a spatial manipulation plugin for PC & Mac that lets you shape and spread sounds creatively throughout the stereo field in 3 dimensions.

For some time now, Puremagnetik has been publishing a new VST / AU plugin every month. Often there are special delays, granular processors, reverbs, so everything is in the ambient area. In Parsec, they show something completely different. It is a spatial manipulation device designed to spread sounds throughout the stereo field in three 3 dimensions (3D). Using minute phase offsets and filtering, Parsec takes sounds and distributes them throughout the X, Y, and Z coordinates of spatial perception.

Accurately adjust their location or use modulators to wildly throw them around the room! That’s not all. You can use Parsec also as an effect with studio speakers or in binaural mode for precise trajectory encoding with headphones. Experimental sound designers, foley mixers, and game composers can use binaural mode to craft their content for deployment in head-spinning 3D space. At first look a completely different kind of plugin from Puremagnetik. It’s nice to see that they can create effects that go beyond classic ambient processors.

Puremagnetik Parsec

Parasec Controls

  • SPEAKERS | BINAURAL – Switch between a standard stereo speaker configuration and a binaural (headphones) setup. Binaural mode sums all stereo channels to mono. You can also use binaural mode with a speaker setup for some unique effects.
  • SHIFT – The shift control is very sensitive so start out with small values. Combine SHIFT with TRANSFER for a large variety of spatial effects.
  • TRANSFER – Applies a varying degree of filtering to either the right or left signal depending on which way the control is pointing. Default is no filtering with the knob at 12:00.
  • AZIMUTH (Binaural Mode) – Horizontal angle from -720 to + 720 degrees.
  • ALTITUDE (Binaural Mode) – Vertical angle from -40 (below horizontal plane) to 90 degrees (straight over your head).
  • MOD – Adds a sine wave modulator to imaging controls in varying amounts. At higher rates and amounts, the quick phase offsets create special effects such as tremolo.
  • RATE – Modulation rate of MOD from 0.001 to 5 Hz.
  • SPREAD – Independent, subtle effect that creates phase and filter offsets in the higher frequency range. Can be added for some extra “sparkle” on certain types of content (guitars, foley, percussives).

Parsec is available now as part of Puremagnetik ‘s Spark subscription for $9 USD per month. The plugin is running in VST & AU format on Windows & Mac. After one month it will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

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