VCV Rack Welcomes Pure Data, Develop Own Modules Without Code

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Pure Data has arrived in VCV Rack software modular Synthesizer: run your Pd patches in your modular system and design modules without code.

VCV Rack is a real success story. Numerous very exciting modules were published in a very short time, as a free or commercial product. We are all happy that VCV Rack is so successful because it is not only an impressive virtual modular Synthesizer but also a huge, free synthesis learning tool. The entire Eurorack market also benefits greatly from this.

And the developer (Andrew Belt) is constantly working on new functions, each more exciting than the other. Today, he added Pure Data to VCV Rack so you can now load PD patches. The implementation was supported entirely by community fundraising and the work was done by CHAIR (Clemens Wegener and Max Neupert)

VCV Rack Pure Data

He also added PD support to VCV Prototype, a code-based (Lua, JavaScript, SuperCollider) environment to design own modules. Thanks to this addition, it’s now possible to design your own modules without code.  In Prototype, the user has an impressive set of function available from insidee Pd in Rack:

  • audio input (via adc~) from the 8 ins
  • audio output (via dac~) to the 8 outs
  • control input from 6 knobs on the module panel
  • control input from 6 switches (buttons) on the module panel
  • set color of 6 lights and 6 switches
  • text to display

To make a Pure Data patch in VCV Prototype, right-click on the Prototype panel, choose “Set Pure Data application”, and locate your installed Pure Data application. (e.g. C:/Program Files/Pd/bin/pd.exe on Windows, /usr/bin/pd on Linux, /Applications/ on Mac). Then right-click on the Prototype panel again, choose “New script”, and save to any location with a .pd extension. Pure Data will automatically launch with the template patch. When you save your patch, VCV Prototype will automatically reload it.

In addition to this great new addition, Prototype now supports Vult’s own DSP code language. As a reminder, Vult is a developer of hardware and software modules for VCV Rack and Voltage Modular.

VCV Rack Vult

All in all a very exciting update for VCV Rack. You rarely see such a perfect interaction between the developer and the community. Thanks, Andrew for your work.

More information here: VCV

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