Mifki miRack, A Port Of VCV Rack Modular Synthesizer For iOS Is Available Now

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miRack by Mifki is an iOS port of the well-known modular Synthesizer VCV Rack for PC & Mac but optimized for touch screens 

VCV Rack Synthesizer is loved and used by many. There are enough reasons: a very large community, the application is free of charge and you can learn modular synthesis like on a Eurorack system without spending many hundreds of euros/dollars.

The developer Mifki started some time ago to port VCV Rack into the iOS world. After some difficulties, he now reports that he has successfully completed the project and that miRack will soon be released on the App Store.

Update: miRack is available now

miRack miRack miRack menu 1 miRack menu

Whether you have all the modules and how different the version to the desktop variant he does not say. But there are some photos of the interface, which looks pretty good in my opinion. Very curious to check out VCV Rack for iOS.

That’s What Mifki, The Developer Says

miRack started as a fork of VCV Rack – a Eurorack-style modular software synthesiser. The goal was to fix the performance issues, add multithreaded audio processing (which VCV Rack didn’t have at that time), and ultimately to make it usable on single-board computers like Raspberry Pi and ASUS Tinker Board. This version is available at mi-rack/Rack GitHub repo, along with a web version that was made available later using Emscripten technology. I even tried prototyping some hardware that would be based on Tinker Board, have a touch screen and some number of encoder knobs to be mapped to virtual knobs on screen, but that project didn’t go very well.

However it was clear that a touch screen is much better suited for dragging virtual cables between modules and for using knobs and other controls than a mouse, and also that there’s no need to build hardware when there are iPads with big screens and fast CPUs.

Unfortunately, due to a mistake during early performance tests (which made them show performance on iPad worse than on Tinker Board), I abandoned that idea. Only recently I fixed the error, redone the tests and started porting miRack to iOS.

Now the work is done, and miRack will soon be available on the App Store.

More information here: Mifki

Available here: miRack

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  1. Hi, I was fortunate enough to buy this while it was available but it seems like it was pulled from the app store.. I’m wondering if anyone has any further info?

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