ThirtyTwo, Hack A Launchpad Pro Mk1 Into A Powerful 32 Track Sequencer

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Hack a Novation Launchpad Pro Mk1 pad controller into a powerful 32-track standalone step sequencer with MIDI & USB for free

Novation does a lot of things right in the music tech industry: regular free updates for new & older products, listening to the community feature requests, good product developments but also to open the code on discontinued products. In this case, talented developers can write their own firmware codes for older products. So they get a second life.

Quentin Lamereand, a software engineer released back in 2019 a new firmware for the discontinued Launchpad Pro that transforms the device into a standalone 32 track 32 step sequencer. As a little reminder: the new Launchpad Pro Mk2 has many Mk1 features but also a standalone sequencer already built-in. It is important to know here that you give up the actual features of the LP Mk1 for the sequencer.

Launchpad Pro Mk1 Sequncer

ThirtyTwo Hack V2.0

The developer released version 2.0 of his hack last year, which makes the sequencer grow from 16 to 32 tracks It features:

  • 32 tracks instead of 16
  • possibility to start/stop clock without the need to be MIDI slave + set tempo from a selection of 32 predefined tempi (from about 30.1bpm to 312.5bpm). These available tempi are limited by the Launchpad Pro clock running only at 1kHz.
  • gate length / tie per step
  • import/export sequences via SysEx
  • track config save in flash memory
  • beat repeat
  • alternative drum pad style note layout
  • editing multiple track config (channel, speed, length, rotate) at once

ThirtyTwo Sequencer hack for the Launchpad Pro Mk1 is available as a free download.

More information here: faQtor 

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