Samplr Turns Your MacBook Touchbar Into An Inspiring Free Sampler

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Samplr, the popular and inspiring iPad sampler app, is now available in a cute free version for the Macbook Touchbar equipped with many creative features for spontaneous jams.

Samplr is a genius development by Marcos Alonso. It is feature-rich, intuitive to use, and inspires at the same time musicians. Only few apps make it so perfect. Marcos is now giving us another lovely Sampler app, but this time not for iPads/iPhone but in a different form. It is a stripped-down / demo version of the popular Samplr app for the Macbook Touchbar.

The app uses the multitouch display of the Touch Bar to play samples in four different ways with multiple controls and effects. A brilliant idea in my opinion that invites you to spontaneous jams no matter where you are. It is impressive what Macros has built into the “demo” version for the Macbook touch bar. Definitely not a rompler or marketing gag. Finally, I have a reason to use the touchbar more.

Samplr Touchbar


  • 4 play modes: slicer, looper, bow (granular synthesis), tape
  • attack & release envelope controls
  • 3 onboard effects (filter, delay with feedback, and reverb)
  • audio recorder

Samplr Touchbar is a free app with no support from the developer and no future updates are planned. The app requires macOS 10.5.

More information here: Samplr

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