Magix CoreFX VolumeFormer Plugin Is A Free Download For A Limited Time

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Magix is giving away its new CoreFX VolumeFormer faux-side-chain and volume automation plugin (PC/Mac) worth 24,99€ as a free download until July 29th, 2020.

Good news for friends of free plugins. Magix, known for its windows-only beginner DAW “Music Maker” or relaunched Sony pro audio products has launched several plugins for PC & Mac. Yes, that right, Magix can also be a macOS developer.

CoreFX VolumeFormer is a volume automation tool and kind of fake side-chain effect designed to deliver “pumping” sound effects. The benefit of this plugin is: you don’t need to create individual side-chain routings in a DAW but only with this VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin.

Magix CoreFx VolumeFormer

The idea is of this plugin is not new and strongly reminds me of the VolumeShaper plugin by Cableguys. It uses a custom envelope to automate volume and no compression on the audio. Handy is here, it’s not only designed for side-chain effects but thanks to its versatile engine, you can create other effects with it like tremolo, wah effects or automated gates.

The envelope is what makes the plugin so flexible: the user can customize it with five control point and can be triggered automatically, in sync with your host or with adjustable time & shift parameters. Well, there is also a possibility to trigger the envelope manually and automated it in the DAW. The plugin features two different operation modes, pump and gate. Pump mode emulates a side-chain compressor, whereas the gate mode is great for creating rhythmic gate effects. The built-in envelope can modulate the output volume, the lowpass and high pass gate. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to save own presets.

No demo video is available. To benefit from this deal, you need a valid email address to register a Magix user account.  After completing the free checkout, you will receive the download link and serial number. With this, you can later activate the CoreFX VolumeFormer plugin. Attention, the installer also installs the rest of the coreFX plugins by Magix which are not included in this deal.

Magix CoreFX VolumeFormer is available as a free download until July 29th, 2020.

More information here: Magix

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