UVI Dual Delay X, a spatial delay with rotation and full feedback path customization

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UVI Dual Delay X, a new spatial delay plugin with a unique rotation & reflection matrices concept and in-depth feedback path customizations.

With simple VST delay plugins, you can’t arouse the interest of any music producer anymore. They are included in every major DAW and many developers offer high-quality delays also as freeware. So developers have to come up with new concepts that give us something new and interesting.

UVI today unveiled the Dual Delay X, a delay with an interesting stereo-field optimized engine.

UVI Dual Delay X

UVI Dual Delay X

The developers have shown with its Relayer plugin in the past that they have good knowledge of delay algorithms. Dual Delay X, however, is not a further development of Relayer, but a different product with a different approach.

Dual Delay X is a new spatial delay that uses an architecture similar to feedback delay networks used in reverbs. The engine is special here. UVI combines delays with unitary rotation and reflection matrices. With these, you can explore complex sounds in the stereo field. It creates unique phase modulation effects with width and rotation controls. You can position them before and after the feedback path which is pretty interesting.

Shape The Feedback Path

Complex because it goes far beyond a classic dual delay. It features shaping elements with which you can manipulate the delay feedback path in different directions. You find a feedback shaping section featuring customizable peak filter, and low and high-cut filters.

There is also fully adjustable dispersion, a diffusion, and a digital grit section with bit and sample rate reduction. Plus, you get a modeled tape saturation with warmth and drive controls. So tons of options to customize the character of the feedback path. All this is available in an easy-to-use single-panel UI with additional stereo and phase graphs helping you to visualize the events under the hood.

UVI ships the plugin with a wide range of different presents that showcases the capabilities of the plugin. Explore the sonic range of Dual Delay X with categories such as Stereo, Mono, Short (Reverbish), Mods, Special FX, and more. It also includes an A/B switching functionality allowing you to switch instantly between two presets.

Dual Delay X is capable to create very lush, atmospheric sounds that are reminiscent of reverbs. With the ability to deeply customize the feedback path it can go in many different directions. From classic delayed, atmospheric to very crunchy and special

At first glance an exciting delay plugin. The rotation effects as well as the possibility to edit the feedback path down to the smallest detail are very interesting. The UI is very nice and makes it very tempting. Certainly a consideration for the current intro price.

UVI Dual Delay X is available now for $29/29€ (reg. $59/59€) throughout July 31st, 2022. It runs as a VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin on macOS (M1 + Intel) and Windows. A single license includes 3 activations that can be used on any combination of individual computer systems or iLok keys. On the website, you can also find a 15-day trial version.

More information: UVI

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