Waldorf Releases Iridium, All-Digital Quantum Synthesizer Desktop Version With 16 Voices

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With the Iridium, Waldorf releases an all-digital desktop version of the Quantum Synthesizer with 16 voices, without analog filters and some other creative additions.

Waldorf has today presented an all-digital desktop version of their flagship Synthesizer Quantum. Well, the Iridium is not a 1: 1 port to the desktop format, but more a new Synthesizer. This is mainly due to small but subtle internal differences to the Quantum. Iridium offers 16 voices instead of 8, no analog filters but new developed digital models, 4×4 pad matrix, CV connectivity & more.

Besides these differences, the Iridium is equal to the Quantum. It features the same super-flexible digital engine featuring wavetable synthesis, waveform (virtual analog), particle (sampling & granular sampling), resonator, and Kernels.

Waldorf Iridium

The instrument comes immediately equipped with the new kernel engine mode that has been introduced with the Quantum OS 2.0. This “modular” engine allows one oscillator to be turned into up to six sub-oscillator that can be interlinked through FM at audio rate and arranged in user-definable constellations. Thanks to this new 2.0 engine, both units become complex FM synths in addition to the granular, resonator… engines.

With up to 16-voice polyphony in full stereo and an ability to overlay two sounds or play them simultaneously via the split function, the functional desktop design of Waldorf Music’s Iridium Synthesizer allows for sound design opportunities that are often out of this world with up to 7,000 patches internally saveable

No Analog But Digital Filters

Instead of analog filters, Iridium features three digital filters per voice. Two in the Dual Filter section and another one in the Digital Former. Several types are available to choose from:

  • 12 or 24dB and Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass with optional saturation or dirtiness.
  • Various filter models are available including those from Waldorf Nave, Largo and PPG 3V.
  • The Dual Filter section can be controlled independently or together in several different link modes.
  • The Digital Former offers all the filter types and models from the Dual Filter plus unusual models like Comb, Drive, Bitcrusher, and more in addition.

According to the developer, the analog filters of the Quantum were not emulated or modeled here but developed independently. Even if the patches are compatible, the sound of the Iridium is slightly different than that of the Quantum

Waldorf Iridium

Big Modulation Power We Know

The modulation section remains the same: 6 envelopes, 6 LFOs, and many more are just waiting for being used as sources in the 40 slots of the modulation matrix. All sources and destinations can be used as many times as desired until the Modulation Matrix is full. If you ever happen to run out of LFOs or Envelopes, you can use the Komplex Modulator for generating a custom shape LFO or envelope.

New Pad Matrix

Embedded in the front panel, a 4×4 silicon pad matrix invites you to launch notes, chords, arpeggios and sequences with up to 32 steps for notes and multiple parameter lines. Direct access to the parameters is granted by the seven encoders to the left and the right-hand side of the touch screen. These pads are not made for finger drumming and therefore it doesn’t support velocity or aftertouch.

Iridium also features a large color touch screen that keeps you informed at all times and gives you optical feedback: wavetables, waveforms, curves modes, envelope shapes…

Waldorf Iridium backside


Two Audio Outputs allow you to listen to Iridium, while two Inputs allow Iridium to process external signals. 4 CV inputs plus Gate In and Trigger In are ready to forward external signals to the Mod Matrix. Furthermore, Clock In and Clock Out will get your gear in sync. MIDI connections can be made through USB and DIN MIDI. It also includes the handy USB host functionality where you can instantly connect MIDI devices via a USB A connector. This port also handles data exchanges via external harddisks. Plus, it comes with a microSD card slot.

I talked to Rolf Wöhrmann, the developer of the Quantum and Iridium. Here is a first look

Waldorf Iridium is available now for 2190€ worldwide.

More information here: Waldorf

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