Dreadbox Typhon, Analog Mono Synth With Sinevibes Effects & Patch Memory

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Dreadbox has teamed up with Sinevibes to develop Typhon, a small, beginner-friendly synth that combines analog synthesis with digital features (DSP effects, patch memory…)

The monophonic analog synth market is well established. Arturia, Behringer, Dreadbox,… a newcomer is spoiled for choice which mono synth he wants. Dreadbox, however, now shows with its brand new release what is less common. A beautiful raw analog sound combined with the advantages of digital technologies.

Dreadbox Typhon is the final result of a lovely teamwork. Here, the well-known Greek synthesizer manufacturer worked together with the brilliant software developers of Sinevibes. Typhon is an analog synth with an original design, no clone/replica, very compact with one voice but expanded with an impressive set of features.

Dreadbox Typhon

Analog Meets Digital

Dreadbox has given Typhon two classic analog rich-sounding oscillators with a slightly different setup. Here you don’t set the oscillators separately, but with the help of pre-defined settings. The big knob morphs between different configurations (PWM, FM…) of two oscillators, and the small knob adjusts the oscillator detune. With this, people with minimal synthesis knowledge can also nicely operate the synth.

This is followed by a classic 4-pole lowpass filter. As it looks, the filter is only limited to lowpass, which is a pity. On the modulation side, it comes with 3 modulators, each equipped with 4 different operation modes (LFO, envelope generator, random or step sequencer) and multiple active targets. On top, you get two extra envelope generators for the filter and amp section. Basically, you can have up to 5 envelopes, or 2 env + 3 LFOs, or any other combination that is pretty impressive for such a small-sized synth.

Digital Effects By Sinevibes

Thanks to its digital side, it offers a rich number of digital features that make the synth stand out compared to others. At the end of the signal chain, digital collaboration comes into play. Here, you can find 12 DSP-based effects with high quality (32bit @ 96kHz) developed by Sinevibes. Artemiy, the main developer of Sinevibes said to me:

there are three effects units onboard: first ist distortion or decimator, second is modulation effects (chorus ensemble, flanger), and third is delay/reverb with a stereo delay, ping pong delay and reverb.

Also onboard is a 32-step note sequencer and the option to save up to 256 presets in the hardware unit. That’s right, Dreadbox has a small analog synth at the start that not only offers effects but also patch memory. On the backside, you have headphone output, stereo output (L/R), audio input, MIDI In/Out, and a power supply input. Interestingly, they use a USB port for power. Always a bit risky because of looping ground. A big plus for the full MIDI & CC implementation over DIN5 socket or USB. According to Dreadbox, they plan to release an editor for the Typhon.

Dreadbox Typhon backside

At first glance, a very exciting great sounding synth. On the one hand, it offers what people love: analog sounds and uses digital technology to make it even more versatile and different. You benefit from the advantages of both worlds. The price of 349€ does not only increase interest with me, pretty sure. If everything works as described, this could be a beautiful, unique entry-level Synthesizer for many. This is how collaborations should look no different.

Dreadbox Typhon is available soon for a price of 349€ (MSRP).

More information here: Dreadbox 

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