SYNTH ANATOMY Giveaway: Win An Arturia MicroLab Controller & Pigments Synthesizer

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Synth Anatomy is giving away an Arturia MicroLab MIDI controller and the Pigments Software Synthesizer to a happy participant

How time flies: I founded SYNTH ANATOMY media brand almost exactly 6 years ago. Starting as a hobby, it became my permanent job faster than I thought. All of this is only possible with your great and constant support. Thank you for the support so far, thank you for reading the website, and thank you for watching the videos regularly. As I said: without you that would not be possible.

To show my thanks, it’s time for a giveaway, and yes it’s hardware. I am giving away an Arturia MicroLab MIDI controller in orange to a lucky one. In addition to the included licenses of Analog Lab Lite, Bitwig Studio 8-Track, UVI Grand Piano, I also add an Arturia Pigments Synthesizer licenses to the controller. So you have everything to produce music directly. Attention: I only give it away for participants from Europe, because the shipping costs to the USA or Asia are almost as expensive as the device. Sorry about this.

Update: I will give away two Microlabs + Pigments bundles 🙂

How Do I Participate?

The giveaway is closed! Winners will be announced today, stay tuned 🙂

Good luck and thank you for your support

Only people from Europe can participate and the giveaway is valid until June 24, 2020 (23:59 CET).

More information here: Arturia


  1. More than happy to win this. Thanks in advance 😉
    Oh and I love this website. I check it at least once per day to satisfy my synth addiction.

  2. I enjoyed the Pigments Demo would love the full version and something portable to use it with. Goodluck all

  3. Synth Anatomy is a great synth news site with lots of good news, articles and synth informations.
    Pigments is one of the best vst synthesizer.

  4. This is a really really nice contest
    And finally for Europeans too 🙂
    Thank you for organising this!!

  5. Love the site man! How about this? I’ve already bought Pigments but I’d LOVE the MicroLab, so if I win you can give Pigments to some other lucky reader‽! COOL! 🙂

  6. Wish you all a great summer. While we’re all waiting for a cure from a microlab, let’s keep creating music with the great pigments of our imaginations.

  7. Pigments is really awesome, got a chance to try it demo version and it’s really worth investing time in it, an all around solid synth. Feels like it’s Arturia’s conclusion to all those years doing emulations of iconic synths

  8. Id love pigments more than anything. Even if i lose, ill get some anyways as the summer is coming hahaha

  9. I’ve used the keystep a number of times and thought it was the most pragmatic little keyboard! Glad that they brought that kind of experience to a wider audience.

  10. Wow that’s crazy! Thank you Tom for your exceptional work in these absurd times, greetings from Italy, ciao!

  11. Nice stuff make noise! Does UK still count as Europe for this? Maybe Boris is still negotiating that…

  12. Only ever tried the free versions of Pigments and AnalogLab – amazing pieces of kit. Congrats on your 6 year anniversary and very good of you to run this competition! Good luck, all!

  13. You and Doug at the SoundTestRoom are doing a great service for us synthheads. Thank you for all the years.

  14. Remember, a pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption!
    Music is color, color is music!

  15. First of all, congratulations on your anniversary.

    I’ve been following you for a little while now. You used to be a guest on the show Musotalk.

    Now you have become a real greatness.
    I’ve been making electronic music for 20 years and I’m on many websites that report daily about news in the music business.
    And I must honestly say that your page about this work you have done is one of the first three pages I visit every day to know what’s happening in the music world.

    I hope that it will stay that way and you will be even more successful.
    thank you for your work

  16. Remember also Arturia is a French electronics company founded in 1999 and based in Grenoble, France. The company designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments, including software synthesizers, drum machines, analog synthesizers, MIDI controllers, sequencers, and mobile apps!
    Music is Arturia, Arturia is music!

  17. An extra pair of black and white keys ,,,, uuuuuhm , yes please .
    And a bit of pigment to give it a lot of colour , uuuuuuhm , YES PLEASE .

  18. Thanks for all synth news and useful info. I got to know many interesting deals and sales thanks to you. Keep up the good work!:)

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