Noise Machine, Wireless MIDI Controller That Fits In Your Pocket

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Noise Machine is a small mobile MIDI controller equipped with 12 buttons, knob & fader that can be connected to a PC, Mac, iOS, and Android wirelessly. 

It is small, cute-looking, and fits in your hand. Noise Machine offers 12 buttons, a knob, and a slider. The buttons can be used as a 12-keys keyboard with classic octave/scale. With the fader, you can sweep 7 octaves and at least the full keyboard. NM can connect up to 12 different channels on one device. You can play one in each hand, or find 12 friends and create an ensemble.

The controllers can also be mapped to parameters or used for modulation for example. Nice is here that NM doesn’t require cables. It sends wirelessly MIDI to various DAWs on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Noise Machine

The device is designed as a beatmaker device and is therefore primarily to be understood as small pads for the DAW. According to the developer, latency isn’t an issue for this new MIDI controller. The unit can be charged with a USB-C cable.

Currently, there is only very little information available about the NM. It’s not sure whether there is also an internal sound engine onboard or not. If you are interested in wireless controllers, don’t forget to check out birdkids °Grid

Noise Machine is available through a crowdfunding campaign and the first units will be available very soon.

More information here: NM

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