Superbooth 2018: Pittsburgh Modular Teased A New Standalone Sequencer

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On NAMM 2018, Pittsburgh Modular announced the semi-modular Microvolt 3900 Synthesizer. It seems like this is only the beginning of new products from this company. On Instagram and YouTube, they posted a teaser of a new standalone sequencer in the same format as the Microvolt 3900 Synthesizer: Sequencer Designer 128

Electronic Sequencer Designer 128: What We Already Know

One thing is certain: Pittsburgh Modular will present its new sequencer at this year’s Superbooth in Berlin. What we can already see on the teaser content is that the design is very similar to the Microvolt 3900 Synthesizer. One can say very little about the functions but it features 32 blue LED sliders for the 32 sequence steps. What is not known is whether you can extend it to 64 or 128 steps. In the YouTube video, the developers wrote that it has 4 channels so it’s possible to sequence up to 4 hardware devices on either CV or MIDI. Beside this it, we can see that it has different sequencer modes (scales…) and  two channels of modulations.

They published a YouTube video were they are running 4 channels to control a vintage Juno 60, a KORG Volca and their upcoming Microvolt 3900 Synthesizer. We can also see that is different sequencer features: clock division, direction, gate length, note ratchet, note repeat, note note shift, scale, slider range, swing and variable sequence length. Especially the note ratchet feature will make happy all fans of Tangerine Dream style music (Kraut electronics, ambient). This features is one of the sound characteristics of this band.

Standalone Not For Eurorack

The videos shows also that the Electronic Sequence Designer is not designed to fill up your Eurorack system. It will be a standalone sequencer what is in my opinion a good idea. With this design, they arouse interest not only in the Eurorack community but also for classic synth lovers.

Price & Availability: TBA 

More information will follow here in the future: Pittsburgh Modular 

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