BLEASS Releases New Lush Sounding Shimmer Reverb AUv3 Effect For iOS

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BLEASS newest iOS release is a super lush sounding shimmer AUV3 reverb effect for iOS that makes your sounds hover and dreamy.

There are many reverb effects on iOS that you can use very well with other apps but also with hardware. On the app store are really stunning effects for very little money. BLEASS now gives us another reverb app, more precisely a shimmer reverb. We know what that means: atmospheric, dreamy sounds in seconds.

The app is AUv3 compatible and brings excellent stunning harmonic tails to any sound or instrument with very low CPU usage. In addition to its very good algorithms, the French developer does something very right: the interface design. These are clear, easy-to-use and everything is one page. Shimmer is based on six customizable stages that can offer enough flexibility for advanced sound designs: input, two pitch shifters (A/B), reverb, ducker, and output stage.

Bleass Shimmer

From angelic sheens, ambient washes to otherworldly chimes, let BLEASS Shimmer make your guitars, strings, pads, vocals, drums shine! For the impatient, there are over 30 presets with which you can work directly


  • input stage: touch control filter with two filter types: Low-Shelf and High-Pass, input again & reverb pre-delay
  • two-shifter stages each offer 3 pitch-shifting modes (PRE, POST, FEEDBACK)
  • each pitch shifter can be tuned with pitch, fine, delay time control & amount slider
  • reverb: room size, color (reverb’s high frequencies, reverb room size modulation, and length control)
  • ducker compresses the output signal using the dry signal as sidechain to bring more clarity
  • mix stage: dry/wet mix

BLEASS Shimmer is available now for $6.99 USD on the Apple App Store. NOTE: this is an Audio Unit Effect Plugin (AUv3) which requires a compatible host such as AUM, Audiobus, GarageBand, Cubasis, BM3 and Auria. You can also use the BLEASS Shimmer as a standalone app using headphones and mic or an external sound card.

More information here: BLEASS

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