1010music Bitbox Micro: Compact And Powerful Eurorack Sampler With Granular

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1010music packs everything we love about the bitbox mk2 sampler module into a new compact and powerful micro version including granular synthesis.

Big surprise from 1010music. On the last day of the Superbooth 20 Home Edition, the US-based manufacturer surprised us with two new sampler modules. One of these is the bitbox micro, a very cute looking but powerful Eurack sampler with support for 8 stereo sample pads. The module allows you to record samples directly into the module or loaded from a microSD card. The big strengths of the bitbox micro are according to the developer trigger one-shots, play time synced loops or sample live on the fly.

It features 24 voices of polyphony, 64 MB of internal memory, stereo streaming from a microSD, clip mode for loop launching, playing with grains in granular mode and much more to discover. Yes, the new bitbox mk2 and micro has a granular mode that we wished for on the last Superbooth

1010music bitbox micro

Bitbox micro can record in 24bit 48kHz stereo with stereo outputs and two mono effects sends. It has the ability to stream 8 samples of up to 4GB in size from the micro SD. Unlike the regular Bitbox, the display is much smaller here and offers only space for 8 pads. However, the sample editing options are all available and similar to the bigger bitbox mk2: start position, length, gain, loop mode, launch quantization. grain size, grain spread, grain count, pitch, gain, filter, pitch, ADSR envelopes, modulation…

On the connection side, it has 8 channels of CV control as well as MIDI on TRS sockets (Type A and Type B).

In my opinion, the bitbox micro offers a lot in a relatively small module: sampler player, live sampler, granular, etc. It really does have pretty much everything you know from the bigger one but in a more compact format. Nice job 1010music.

1010music bitbox micro will be available from June or $399.95 USD.

More information: 1010music

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